This week it’s all about making sparks fly! And no, I’m not talking about 4th of July fireworks.. I’m talking Sizzling HOT Korean Drama Kisses!! Okay so maybe they’re more cute than hot sometimes, but they still make my heart go O(≧▽≦)O!!!

This may be one of my favorite videos to make all year. I get to talk about dramas that have been glossed over due to a lack of media hype.

Not all of the popular dramas and leads make it into the list.. Sometimes a second or third lead brings in the swoon factor!

But really it’s just way to much fun to watch kissing scene after kissing scene. It just gives me the warm fuzzies inside and makes up for all of the times I feel kdrama romances have let me down (I’m talking you Entertainer!)

So here you go! Hope you enjoy my picks. :)

Happy Drama Watching everyone!!

Full Korean Drama Kissing 2016 List:
10. Choco Bank “The Almost Kiss”
9. Bong Soon A Cyborg in Love “Shut Down Kiss”
8. Lucky Romance “Typical Korean Drama Kiss Kiss”
7. Madame Antoine “This is how you do it Kiss”
6. High End Crush “Car Confession Kiss”
5. Thumping Spike “Wheelchair Kiss”
4. Doctors “Dance in the Rain Kiss”
3. Marriage Contract “Everything Starts Where It Ends Kiss”
2. Descendants of the Sun “Song Koong Ki Kiss”
1. Oh Hae Young Again “The Meat Is Burning Kiss”

the extras

  • korekade

    Great Kiss scenes. Lovely and romantic

  • yabo776q .

    I watched a drama “On the Way to The Air Port” starred Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul as this couple who fall in love even though they are married to other people who don’t treat them well for various reasons. Yet there is only ONE kiss in the whole drama that speaks volumes about the whole drama between the two of them and then you just have to check it out They meet because his adopted daughter went to the same school her daughter was going to and things get to a point where they are attracted to each other out of friendship and pity for his daughters death.