As any drama watcher is probably aware of, the most pivotal, beloved point in almost any drama is the kissing scenes. But not ALL Korean dramas have kiss scenes. In fact, Naildo Cantabile which made it into the Top 10 Best Korean Dramas of 2014 list (which was chosen by all of you guyz!) didn’t have any.


But for some reason, it seems that Korean dramas keep getting smexier and smexier.. not that I’m compaining. That just makes it even HARDER to choose the best kiss scenes of the year.

In making this list I racked my brain to try and come up with what are the best Korean drama kisses of the year. For some of these dramas (Witch’s Romance, I Need Romance 3, You Who Came From The Stars, etc.) I could probablt list multiple kiss scenes and/or make a Top 5 list with just one or a few of these dramas. Heck, look at how many times this video has been viewed for it’s #smexy kissing scenes! You guyz can’t stop when you find something you like!!

And even in making this Top 10 list with only one kiss per drama in this category, I still managed to exclude a lot of really great drama kisses. Fated to Love You for instance had several really good kiss scenes. For me however, none were so memorable to me to make it onto this list, though they may have made the best, cutest sex scene in a drama ever. Talk about pounding the rice cakes!

For those that did make it onto the list, it was so SO difficult to put them in proper order. Like, REEEEEAAAALLY difficult. It’s Okay That’s Love had some of the most romantic kisses, but Witch’s Romance and Greatest Marriage were definitely steamier. And where do you put Surplus Princess in all of that? It was an extremely memorable kiss, but it wasn’t exactly super romantic.

So anyway’s, what do you think of my list? How would you change it, or which drama kisses should I not have left off? And, which Korean drama kisses were your favorite from 2014? :)

The Full List from the Video:

10. Doctor Stranger Goodbye Kiss in the Rain
9. Empress Ki Rosy Bath Kiss
8. Surplus Princess Siren Kiss
7. I Need Romance 3 Bang Sung Joon Can Kiss Kiss
6. Blade Man Winter in the City Kiss
5. You Who Came From The Stars Red Carpet Kiss
4. Greatest Marriage Baby Making Kiss
3. Pinocchio Park Shin Hye Learned to Kiss Kiss
2. Witches Romance Cougar Kiss
1. It’s Okay That’s Love Waterfall Realization Kiss

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