If there’s one part of any Kdrama that everyone looks forward to it’s a kiss scene. Heck, I usually end up squealing when it finally happens and then inform Richard of whether or not it was a good one.


It’s funny how it’s become something we both comment on after years of doing Top 5’s. That’s a bit odd to admit lol!

Regardless, it seems like kiss scenes are getting better and better every year and this year isn’t an exception.  There were a great many fantastic kisses at the beginning of the year.  Now in late Spring, early Summer there’s been a new crop of great kisses.  Heck since I made this video I saw a few that I should have included!  But that almost always happens.  It’s hard to stay current and on top of Korean dramas when there’s so many fantastic ones coming out all the time!  I do have to acknowledge, I wanted to put the shock drama “The Lover” on this list but there are just too many great smexy scenes to put just one in.  So here are some of my favorites, what’s your favorite kiss of 2015 so far?

Full List from the Video:
10. School 2015 – First Love Kiss
9. Angry Mom – Evil Kiss
8. Falling for Innocence – Crosswalk Kiss
7. Blood – Consultation Kiss
6. Producers – Photocopy Kiss
5. Sensory Couple – Touch My Heart Kiss
4. Orange Marmalade – Lighthouse Kiss
3. Producers – Swing Kiss
2. High Society – Princess Kiss
1. Ex Girlfriend’s Club – You’re My Girlfriend Kiss

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