It’s time to wrap up 2017 with a holiday New Year kiss. Or in this case, 10 kisses I thought were fantastic and memorable this year.

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In all my years of Korean drama watching I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like the trends of kisses this year. What I mean by that is I feel like 2017 was the year of the funny awkward kiss.
We’ve had plenty of amusing kisses in the past, and awkward ones but it seemed like every drama had their particular strange kiss.

Most often it was presented as a picturesque cliffhanger where we were all shipping the couple at the end of the episode and then they started off the next episode with the actual reality of it being a really uncomfortable situation.

The Best Hit, While You Were Sleeping, Because This Is My First Life and others all utilized this kiss scene strategy. While it was cute, it’s starting to quickly become one of the Korean drama tropes that I could do without.

But, that’s just me. What are your thoughts? And what was your favorite kiss from 2017?

Happy Drama Watching everyone!!

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