I’m in drama limbo. Anyone there with me? It all started when I recently finished watching a Master’s Sun – great drama btw! I knew that Heirs would start airing shortly after since it was taking over the time slot. Now it is out and I can watch it – but I have to wait from episode to episode if I want to keep watching.
(Please note, I haven’t actually watched it, yet but will be doing so this weekend.)


That being said, I always get frustrated when I’m caught in between dramas. Often I make up for it by keeping several dramas going at the same time (I think most of us do..) but this time of the year it’s difficult because midterms start in a little over a week and I have to focus on schoolwork. Yet another problem with drama watching as a college student – I have to keep reminding myself not to procrastinate! Especially as things keep getting busier and busier. >.<

So after wracking my brain and looking at all of your recommendations and coming up with a list of great Top 5 subjects, I took the power of being the person actually making the video and decided to make a video for myself. Why mini-dramas? Because I seriously do not have the time to really sit down and watch a lengthy drama right now. Also, as good as I am with self control, the marathon potential that is tied to longer dramas is completely and totally distracting. I start telling myself – I’ll read one article for my thesis and then I’ll watch one episode. That might be good motivation for some, but I find that I just end up staying up till dawn, and that things end up taking at least three times the amount of time that they should to finish up. I suppose I’m not as good at self-control with dramas as I like to think I am. If the drama is under 4 episodes then I can space those out, combined with an episode or two of heirs and my week allotment of drama watching is picked out.

That being said, honestly guys I’ve only watched 3 of the dramas on this list and those ones not even in the recent past. So, they’re all game to me. In fact, I know that I’m going to be watching one from this list myself this week – one episode to reward myself at the end of a day of hard work. That being said, here is my list of 10 mini-dramas that I thought looked really interesting. What do you think?

the bloopers:

  • Arthea Emory

    Your hubby/cameraman is fortunate to not know the agony and pain of drama purgatory….

    • Richard

      This just made me giggle lol.

  • Arthea Emory

    So, I’ve watched my first “mini” drama. Chose one from you list, Ma Boy. Angry that it was only 3 episodes. OF ALL THE GENDER BENDER DRAMAS OUT THERE, FINALLY ONE WITH A GUY AS A GIRL AND IT’S ONLY 3 EPISODES LONG!!!?! *deep breath*

    Mini dramas…same impact as a full length drama…just not as many hours. Great way to get a friend hooked…OOH IDEA!!!

    Still loving the vlog! :)

  • http://www.laviajeramorena.com/ Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

    YES! Was looking for more dramas to watch! ASSA!

  • KcHbMarie

    You should definitely watch Adolescent Medley! I was surfing youtube and came across it. It’s bittersweet and funny, and there are some sad moments and heroic moments. The main guy was funny too and cute and kinda nerdy xD it was a good one!