There’s a lot of reasons to like dramas – the music, the storyline, the fashion, the drama.. but heck, who am I kidding? One big reason to watch Korean dramas is the smexy men!

While there are many many more who will be making drama appearances, here are 10 of my current favorites that are committed to projects this year!

Now who will sign on midway through 2016 and make this list irrelevant??? I just know someone’s going to surprise me – and I can’t wait!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!!!!

Full Sexy Korean Drama Star List:
10. Ji Soo – 지수
9. Lee Kwang Soo – 이광수
8. Jung Kyung Ho – 정경호
7. Park Hae Jin – 박해진
6. Lee Joon Ki – 이준기
5. Kim Woo Bin – 김우빈
4. Sung Joon – 성준
3. Jang Geun Suk – 장근석
2. Park Seo Joon – 박서준
1. Song Joong Ki – 송중기

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  • midnightmaven

    I wanted to vote so bad for both Park Seo Joon & Jang Geun Suk. You’re Beautiful was my first ever Korean drama so I was in love with JGS for a lonnnnng time. But like you said his choices have been kind of hit or miss. Park Seo Joon however I have LOVED since Witch’s Romance. So I voted for him in the end. If it’d been up to me though I’d have thrown some love to JGS as well. ^_^

    • hallyuback

      They both REALLY good haha ^^

  • MoonChaser

    Sung Joon <3

  • waterlili

    Seo In Guk

    • hallyuback

      He’s like ‘I got this..’ LOL