There’s nothing that fangirls (and guys) of Korean entertainment like more than smexy guys!

I’ve also found that living in the US, I tend to seek out Kpop more since I don’t hear it on the radio and when traveling about doing my normal errands.

Here’s a list that I made up of some of my favorites coming out with new songs, and music videos this spring! Hope you guys enjoy!

Happy Drama Watching Kpop Music Listening!!!!

Full Smexy List from the Video:
10. Bang Yong Guk – 방용국
9. Baek Hyun – 백현
8. Nam Tae Hyun – 남태현
7. Jung Kook – 정국
6. Rye Wook – 려욱
5. Tae MIn – 태민
4. Jae Joong – 재중
3. Ravi – 라비
2. Zico – 지코
1. Se7en – 세븐

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