Around the same time I made the Smexiest Korean Actors video, I actually also wrote this one, or at least made the list of smexy gents I wanted to talk about. You see, for me it was actually a lot easier to make my smexy Japanese guys list because I’ve been watching Japanese Dramas longer than Korean dramas. And, while I had to make some cuts, I could handily make the list the guys that I watch for and follow when watching Japanese dramas.


I think it’s kind of funny actually though, that a lot of these guys 1) overlap, and 2) are getting older. Actually, scratch that funny bit. It’s not funny getting older!

A lot of these guys I watched in high school dramas back when I first got into the drama scene. Particularly Gokusen, because a lot of them were in that drama. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, Gokusen 1-3 was a drama with a whole bunch of smexy menz in it.

Going on seven or eight years now, these guys are no longer able to do high school dramas. Some of them are even getting married, starting families; in real life AND in dramaland. I’m still kind of in denial about it all. For realz I am. I don’t look forward to the day where my favorite Japanese actors are pushed aside by a whole new crop of youngins.

I’m starting to sound old. Forgive me.

If you’re one of those young peeps, and you haven’t seen some or all of these guys before, or if you’re new to the Jdrama world, these men are every bit as talented and as smexy as any actor that I’ve seen: American drama, Korean drama, Taiwanese drama – you name it! So for me, they come highly recommended.

In fact, I think I’m going to be starting to watch Oguri Shun in BORDER this weekend.

The FULL LIST the Smexy Jdrama Actors:

10. Tamaki Hiroshi – 玉木宏

9. Yamapi – 山下智久

8. Fujiki Naohito – 藤木 直人

7. Nishikido Ryo – 錦戸亮

6. Miura Haruma – 三浦 春馬

5. Matsuda Shota – 松田翔太

4. Mizushima Hiro – 水嶋ヒロ

3. Oguri Shun – 小栗 旬

2. Kamenashi Kazuya – 亀梨和也

1. Matsumoto Jun – 松本 潤

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  • ladysaotome

    What? Kimura Takuya is not on the list!! (Though I would have voted for Yamapi anyway.) Matsumoto Jun is my favorite Japanese actor and he’s very smexy while acting. But Yamapi gets my altogether smexy vote. Oh, well.

    And lately I’ve been already starting to feel like they are already getting pushed out by a new crop of young actors. So sad!

  • Melinda Lipinski

    Matsumoto Jun is mega smexy but you forgot Kiriyama Renn

  • gilbertjai

    Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi!

  • Karen Shortell

    After watching The Last Cinderella, how could anyone not vote for Miura Haruma as the smexiest?

  • Magdalena Nowakowska MocoMoco

    He is the best, the handsome one ,sexy as no one in Japan.