About half way thru the year I made a ‘Best Korean Drama Kisses of 2013 so far’ video that was so popular with you guys that I decided to make another Best of 2013 Kdrama Kisses video! And this one is a doozy!


I almost wish I had done it ballot poll style like I did with the best of 2013 Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean dramas, simply because it’s so hard to choose!

There are a few stand out kisses from the first half of the year that I couldn’t not include in this video because they were so awesome! It might have been the case that the kisses from the first half of the year were better than they kisses from the second half, especially taking into consideration that I initially overlooked the kiss from ‘Cruel City’.

I took a look at all the best Korean dramas of 2013 and their kiss scenes and that’s how I came up with this list, and a few dramas that didn’t even make the list, and that’s how I compiled my list. If there’s any that I have forgotten, please be sure to let me know! ..Because seriously, we can never get enough kisses now, can we?

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the bloppers

  • Arthea Emory

    CRUEL CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not even drunk. LOVE THAT LINE!!!!!

    • hallyuback

      Cruel City it is! And I am super excited to hang out with Mr PopoTV too!! Thank you for your relenting support Arthea! ^^

  • Alejandra Ralda

    Even the question offends me!! jajaja obviously LEE MIN HO!! I totally agree with your top 11!! and also about the “cruel city” kiss is the best asian kiss ever seen! Hope you feel better now! a big hug from México! :)

    • hallyuback

      Hey Alejandra! I’m feeling better now, thanks for asking! ^^ Abrazos de Corea!! :))

      • Alejandra Ralda


  • fifi

    Lee min ho ^^