It’s a new year! Wait.. I said that last week. >.<

I haven’t made a new Japanese drama video since October 2013. That makes me really sad pandas. So much has happened and that was SO LONG AGO! OMG you guyz I’m going through Japanese drama withdrawl.


But that’s okay because this video is totally gonna make up for it! Or at least try. Namely because of three dramas I’m most likely going to try to start this month…
Giga Tokyo Toy Box (Dai Tokyo Toi Bokkusu), Time I was in (Boku no Ita Jiken), Heartbroken Chocolatier.. now that I’ve completed I hear your voice of course!

I’m really excited about Giga Tokyo Toy Box because there’s not a lot of dramas out there that truly revolve around a young woman who is pursuing her dreams. They tend to end up as fluffy romantic comedies, and certainly not girls embracing their inner geek/nerdom. As somebody who hasn’t always molded into traditional societal norms but rather is much happier with my nose stuck into a book or a game (or a drama!) I can totally respect this drama story’s approach. I’m hoping it’s gonna be a drama I can relate to.

Let’s just put it this way: Time I was in stars Miura Haruma, and I like him as an actor. And I don’t mind watching him on screen either. That being said, I’m not typically a fan of dramas that I know are going to be extreme melodramas. That’s just me. But, if I’m going to watch a heavy melodrama, than 9 times out of 10 I’m going to turn to a Japanese drama. Have you ever seen 1 Liter of Tears? One of the best slice of life, end of life melodramas that I still have not fully recovered from. And it’s from Japan! This one looks like it could have a similar epic-ness to it, and how cool would that be?

But the one I’m most looking forward to and have been checking everyday for the first episode to be released is Heartbroken Chocolatier. Matsumoto Jun was seriously my first guy crush in Asian drama land. There was something about him in Gokusen that won me over and subsequently I’ve watch just about everything else that he’s ever made. This one is particularly exciting to me because I also am a foodie and love food dramas. One of my favorite food dramas of all time titled Bambino also starred Matsumoto Jun! Somehow I see this one being watched with some dark chocolate and a big glass of wine. Can’t wait to see him as a chef, and eat chocolate!

So those are my favs coming out in 2014! Leave a note in the comments and let me know which one’s you’re looking forward to seeing!

Here’s the entire list from the video:

Eve in Love – 恋するイヴ

Child Over There – かなたの子

Lost Days – ロストデイズ

Night Teacher – 夜のせんせい

A Perfect Day For Love Letters (E-Girls) – 恋文日和

Tomorrow, Mom Won’t Be Here – 明日、ママがいない

Paper Moon – 紙の月

Tomorrow Which Flower Blooms – 花咲くあした

Mysterious Transfer Student – なぞの転校生

Divine Retribution: Punisher of Darkness – 天誅- 闇の仕置人

Giga Tokyo Toy Box – 大東京トイボックス

Time I was in – 僕のいた時間

Heartbroken Chocolatier – 失恋ショコラティエ

the bloopers:

  • Melinda Lipinski

    man…what is with you and making a girl make hard choices lately? Matsumoto Jun or Miura Haruma? I WANT BOTH!!

  • Tom

    Useful list, but frankly, you should add a transcript of the video because if you’re not showing extracts, the video doesn’t add any value and takes more time than text. Besides, the tone you’re using is just annoying.

  • Rose

    Please don’t use such an annoying tone. It makes it hard to watch. Don’t be a weeabo

  • Anthony Klinger

    Hi! My names Anthony. I got into japanese movies because i’ve been studying japanese lately. I must admit i’m.still largely an amateur. The reason i’m here is because i recently fell in love with japanese movies namely dramas. Yes i’m a guy who likes japanese dramas.. shhh don’t tell anyone. If you could tell me a few of the best. So far i’ve really enjoyed uh… NORWEGIAN wood, and one (can’t think of it) a man who played chello but instead ends up a person who prepares the dead. I supppse i’ll have to buy them since netflix runs dry.

    • coklat2amethyst

      Hi Anthony! i loooove japanese drama too..i could recommend a few but it seems our drama genre is different haha

    • Amelia

      Norwegian Wood is an amazing book as is Dance Dance Dance by the same author (if you haven’t read them yet you totally should! :) )