Gosh am I excited for the summer!!!

Not only will I finally get to give my daddy a hug after a year of not seeing him (yes I am going home for the summer!), but there look to be some fantastic Jdramas coming out.

The first drama from this list that really stands out to me is ‘Summer Nude’. I’m looking forward to watching this one the most because it’s got Yamapi, Erika Toda and Karina. It’s probably the most star-studded cast of actors and actresses (that I know of anyway) that’s been in a Japanese drama this year. Also the whole premise of the drama with photography and food and being near the sea, it sounds completely and utterly tantalizing.

‘Kamen Teacher’ I think is going to be this summer’s GTO. Last summer GTO came out, and it was actually one of the very first dramas I ever reviewed on TOAD. Click here to see it. ;D  You got the uber macho teacher who uses unconventional ways to help his class of miscreants. I may not actually watch the entire series but I do think it’s going to be a great drama to watch, especially if you like this drama.

I am also looking forward to seeing ‘Twenty Four Eyes’. This one is set in a small town on a remote island Japan, and talk about how the common people didn’t necessarily want war. I think it might be extremely interesting to see how this one plays out. I know it’s going to be romanticized and idealized, but, kind of like Bridal Mask that talked about the Japanese occupation of Korea, historical dramas can help shed light, albeit factiously, into the past.

The biggest weekend drama temptation for me though is ‘Bread and Soup and Cat Weather’. Bread and soups and cats are maybe three of my favorite things. I would already have a cat if my husband wasn’t very allergic. And at four episodes, why the heck not?

The full July 2013 Japanese Drama list:

15. Whatever Will Be, Will Be – Naru Youni Narusaなるようになるさ

14. Nameless Poison – Na mo Naki Doku名もなき毒

13. Saito San 2斉藤さん2

12. Demon Ward – Akuryo Byoutou悪霊病棟

11. Village Doctor Jumbo – Machiisha Jumbo!! 町医者ジャンボ!!

10. Just Eating – Taberu Dakeたべるダケ

9. Woman女性

8. Hanzawa Naoki半沢直樹

7. Bread and Soup and Cat Weatherパンとスープとネコ日和

6. Starmanスターマン~この星の恋

5. Pin To Konaぴんとこな

4. Twenty Four Eyes – Nijushi no hitomi二十四の瞳

3. Kamen Teacher仮面ティーチャー

2. Limitリミット

1. Summer Nudeサマーヌード

The Blooper Reel:

  • Sophie Galamez

    Totally gonna watch summer nude! 😀

    • hallyuback

      me too! haha

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    Summer Nude…so have to watch that one!!! I really need to get back to watching Last Cinderella…LOL! Love ya!

    • hallyuback

      Yea I got hooked fast on Last Cinderella, and can’t wait for Summer Nude either.. 😀

  • Grace Montemayor Terrado

    Summer Nude sounds cool. I will watch it also but my vote is Fire Jung yi :))) Awesome video Unnie:))
    Ohhhh. So cool. You will see your Father soon. I miss my father too, I haven’t seen him for 17 months:( You should bond HAAHAHA

    • hallyuback

      Thank you Grace.^^ I know, I can’t wait to go home at this point. Looks like we both miss our fathers..

      • Grace Montemayor Terrado

        Yesss. Well I will go home this Christmas in Philippines by the way :))

  • Drow

    Hy Hallyu, you are amazing, could you please review Itazura na Kiss – Love in Tokyo ? i love this drama (love all versions but this one i love more). Thank You