You guys know that I love Korean Dramas, but one area of Korean culture that I haven’t always been on the bandwagon for is K-pop. Mind you, I always knew way more about it than my hubby Richard, or I did until recently. When I first came to Korea, it was all about Big Bang, Super Junior and my then favorite solo artist Son Dam Bi. I’m showing how long I’ve actually been here in saying this. 4 years is a long time to live abroad for someone who’s still got a few years until she turns 30. Not that I’m in any hurry! The Korean age system actually pushes me a little too close for my comfort right now. All that being said, I’ve watched a lot of musicians rising up to become Korean drama stars and not a few bands be formed over the years. However, I’m still young and new to that world.


My point is, some of the best actors and actresses in Korea today got their start in the music world as a member of one k-pop group or another. One example of this is Yoon Eun Hye. She’s not on my list, because though I adore her, she left the music group that got her started in the entertainment industry, Baby Vox, a long time ago and it doesn’t look like there is going to be a reunion anytime soon. Yes, if the actor or actress has left the music world – with the exception of my number 19 who announced his retirement like a week ago, then I didn’t include them in my list. True they are performers, but music is no longer their vocation.

Likewise, there were also several amazing up and coming actors and actresses that I left out of my list because 1. It would make the list too long and 2. They don’t have at least two leading roles to their name. A great example of this is Sulli. I know that a lot of people are fans of f(x) and they think the world of the girl. Personally, I have nothing against her. She’s been in several dramas as a supporting character and in a few movies. But I don’t review movies, and the only real role she’s had that I could put down is ‘To The Beautiful You’. So sorry if you’re upset that she got cut.

I almost forgot: Thanks to fan and YouTube user kajolina21 for this recommendation, it was a good one!

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So here is a master list of actors and actresses that are musicians complete with 2 of their popular dramas:

19. Shin Dong Ho
Group : U-kiss (Ok, actually he just retired this month – but you can catch him in all of the previous albums!)
Dramas: Holy Land 홀리랜드, Real School 레알 스쿨!

18. Uee
Group: After School
Dramas: Golden Rainbow 황금 무지개, Jeon Woo Chi 전우치

17. T.O.P
Group: Big Bang
Dramas: IRIS 아이리스, I Am Sam 아이엠샘

16. Park Jung Min
Group: SS501
Dramas: Fondant Garden 翻糖花園, Pianissimo 피아니시모

15. Park Ji-Yeon
Group: T-ara
Dramas: Dream High 2 드림하이 2, God of Study 공부의 신

14. Hero Jae Joong
Group: JYJ
Dramas: Time Slip Dr. Jin 타임슬립 닥터 진, Protect the Boss 보스를 지켜라

13. Kim Myung-soo (L)
Group: Infinite
Dramas: What is Mom 우엄마가 뭐길래, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band 닥치고 꽃미남밴드

12. Lee Hong Ki
Group: F.T. Island
Dramas: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 내 여자친구는 구미호, You’re Beautiful 미남이시네요

11. Ham Eun Jeong
Group: T-ara
Dramas: Queen Insoo 인수대비, Dream High 드림하이

10. Kim Hyun Joong
Group: SS501
Dramas: Playful Kiss 장난스런 키스, Boys Before Flowers 꽃보다 남자

9. Lee Dong Hae
Group: Super Junior
Dramas: Panda and Hedgehog 판다양과 고슴도치, Skip Beat! 華麗的挑戰

8. Im YoonA
Group: Girls Generation
Dramas: Love Rain 사랑 비, You Are My Destiny 너는 내 운명

7. Choi Minho
Group: Shinee
Dramas: Top Medical Team 메디컬탑팀, To the Beautiful You 아름다운 그대에게

6. IU
Group: solo artist
Dramas: The Best Lee Soon Shin 최고다 이순신, Dream High 드림하이

5. Jung Yong Hwa
Group: CN Blue
Dramas: Marry Him if you Dare 미래의 선택, Heartstrings 넌 내게 반했어

4. Choi Si Won
Group: Super Junior
Dramas: Skip Beat! 華麗的挑戰, Oh! My Lady 오! 마이 레이디

3. Bae Suzy
Group: miss A
Dramas: Gu Family Book 구가의서, Dream High 드림하이

2. Jang Geun Suk
Group: solo, Team H
Dramas: Love Rain 사랑 비, Mary Stayed Out All Night 매리는 외박중

1. Mickey Yoo-Chun
Group: JYJ
Dramas: I Miss You 보고싶다, Rooftop Prince 옥탑방의 왕세자

the bloopers:

  • Parsacarly

    I love watching your videos – since I found them (only recently) – but I just have to point something out: For Park Jung Min (of SS501 – Double S 501*) you had a picture of Kim Kyu Jong, who is a member of SS501 but not in any dramas. Luckily SS501 fans are not EXO fans, so no one seems to have picked up on it – and no TripleS would be mean about it.
    Anyway,this was such a good topic! And really hard to choose my favourite, but Suzy is just amazing – ever since Dream High where she made a brat like Hye Mi the most loved character in the show by the end!
    Looking forward to more videos! 화이팅!

  • Arthea Emory

    From your list of Kpop actors I LOVE JGS(JKS). I held off watching Love Rain, because of all the hype it was getting. I have since learned…when there’s hype…there’s a reason. But I do like his line of work. Even into his movies “Baby and I” and “You’re My Pet”. Plus…he’s the only guy I know that can make *duck lips* look semi-attractive.

  • Liana Bongao

    Park Yoochun ftw!

  • murrymeta4

    I would say Yoochun and Jaejoong are my favorites on this list, they are always quite charming in acting roles, and wow, are they the quintessential multi-talented k pop stars. I am sure a lot of people would add Siwon to the list, he did quite well in King of Dramas. Seo In guk is a singer turned actor not on the list, but doesn’t exactly fit as a typical k pop star, and even if he was a favorite of yours I could see not including him as he’s not quite a fit. I thing JGS in the most talented actor on the list but I do not consider Jang Geun Suk a k pop star turned actor. He is an actor first, that is also a singer musician and found a niche playing a lot of musical acting roles.. Another person also not on the list and should not be, but I find interesting and that does fit neatly into a category is No Min Woo-I consider him a musician, not a k pop star, but a musician, that found his way into acting. The man is a tad off the beaten track and he is a beast of a talent and, well, drum porn, just saying.

  • Sjeline Lukiman

    Jang Geun Suk is my no 1 choice…nomor satu nummer een numero uno.

  • Leah Bonilla

    Are these only those under 35? :) Cause there are a whole lot of actors and actresses out there who are a tad older and also sensational too!

  • Sjeline Lukiman

    Yeaaah Jang gun Suk is fantastico @ 51%

  • Sabrina Nguyen

    I’d probably have to say that Jung Yong Hwa is my #1 favorite. I mean, he’s my bias, too! 😀 But I also like IU, Yoona, Bae Suzy, and a bunch of other Korean drama actors. ^-^

  • Emilyvanescen

    On this list, …. Actress: Yoona is Nº1, Actor: Yoochun and Jang Keun Suk are Nº1, but I like also Lee Seung gi, Seo In Guk and Yoon eun hye. Although my bias are other celebrities, but I chose Lee Seung gi, Jang Keun suk, Yoona, Seo In Guk, Yoon Eunhye and Yoochun because I think firmly that all them are the best young actors of kpop, therefore deserve to be recognized.

  • YGblackvip55

    T.O.P., YOONA and YOOCHUN are my favorites, because they are GREAT at acting. they are 3 of the BEST among BEST young actors/actresses.

  • Aria