I’ve been wanting to make a video about Korean food for a long time, but I always keep forgetting about it or it gets put on the backburner.


But recently I’ve started to become interested in a lot of different blog or website posts about the best foods from different countries. In fact just this week a quiz floated around Facebook testing how many Korean foods you’ve eaten. So I figure now was as good a time as any!

Besides, my dad is coming to Korea next month! And if he sees this video, maybe he can choose a few dinners for us! Apparently, this video is inadvertently dedicated to my daddy! ..And anyone else who likes Korean food and dreams about coming here to try it one day!

I’ve actually eaten a lot more foods than are on this list. But for the sake of trying not to kill myself (or the editor who took more than 12 hours to finish editing this video alone!), we tried to narrow it down to 20. We crossed many different types because honestly I could probably make a list of a least 10 different types of grilled meat alone!

For those of you less familiar with Korean cuisine, I sure hope this video and list are insightful for you. Korea has delicious food and everyone around the world should have the opportunity to try it! That was part of my motivate to make this video in the first place!

The full list from the video!

20. Triangle Kimbab – “삼각김밥”

19. Bulgogi – “불고기”

18. Googoo Cones – “구구”

17. Jaeyook Dabbab – “제육덥밥”

16. Pepero – “빼빼로”

15. Mandu – “만두”

14. Jook (porridge) – “죽”

13. Ramyun – “라면”

12. Pajan – “파전”

11. Korean Clementines – “귤”

10. Chicken on a Stick – “닭꼬치”

9. Chamchi Kimbab – “참치 김밥”

8. Dok Book Ki – “떡볶이”

7. Coffee – “커피”

6. Kalguksu – “칼국수”

5. Shabu Shabu – “샤부 샤부”

4. Fried chicken and beer – “치맥”

3. Sam gyup sal – “삼겹살”

2. Kimchi Jjigae – “김치 찌개”

1. Chicken Galbi – “닭갈비”

OMG I just realized Bibimbap isn’t even on this list, and it’s one of the most well known dishes from here. Another one of my favorites, and one of the big foods I’ve seen trying to be promoted overseas. But on that note it’s also a pretty good reason to leave it off. ☺

Happy Drama Watching everyone! And Bon Apetite! ^^

PS- Be sure to check the end card in this video to see if you won the Hallyu Back T-shirt Giveaway!

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