There is nothing that suits the feel of summer quite like indulging in some romantic comedy stories.  And there are oh so many ways to indulge.  Just today I was talking with my sister and future mother in law about how they love to read and are currently indulged in Nicholas Sparks books.. I’ve read a few and while they’re good I myself prefer a good Korean drama.  And this summer they’ve got some fantastic ones!


Legitimately you guys, these are all dramas that I am currently engaged in watching every spare moment that I can get where I’m not socializing with friends/family and actually have Wifi access in order to stream them.  I am totally hooked on all five featured on this list, even though I still have a lot of catching up to do on a few of them, particularly Trot Lovers and Surplus Princess, though I know that there aren’t many episodes out yet of Surplus Princess.  These are both great dramas in their own right and I could talk about them, but for me, this month I’m especially enamored with what I’m calling my current big 3 – Fated to Love You, Marriage Not Dating and It’s Ok, That’s Love.

I don’t particularly want to beat a dead horse and tell you over and over again my thoughts on each of the dramas because you can already watch my Tumblr Reviews on them.. That being said, Fated to Love You might seriously be my favorite Korean drama remake that legitimately does a really good job reinterpreting what I feel is one of my all-time favorite dramas.  It’s shorter, and a bit milder, but this makes it more accessible to anyone who might be watching and I’m all for more people watching one of my favorite storylines.

As for Marriage Not Dating, I really love the interconnected relationships and plot lines that have in essence really good messages and insight I feel into what makes for any healthy relationship.  It’s Ok, That’s Love on the other hand is not exactly all about health.  But, it instead tackles what I strongly believe is a pretty taboo area (mental disorders) in a way that could make them more societally acceptable and open discussion that could make Korea (and the world) a better place.  The chemistry and acting in all three of these also is mindblowingly awesome.. but particularly so with It’s Ok, That’s Love in my opinion.

What is your current favorite Korean Romantic Comedy?

Happy Drama Watching everyone! :)

Full list from the video:

5. Trot Lovers – 트로트의 연인
4. The Mermaid/Surplus Princess – 잉여공주
3. Fated To Love You – 운명처럼 널 사랑해
2. Marriage Not Dating – 연애 말고 결혼
1. It’s Okay, That’s Love – 괜찮아, 사랑이야

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  • Barbara Lewis

    These dramas are also my top three. Love them❤️

  • Karen Shortell

    I can’t choose between your top two, or even top three. I am liking Fated to Love you much more than I thought I would. I think the chemistry among the top actors is what makes it so hard to choose. Those second leads are also great.

    • hallyuback

      All three of them got intermingled for me. Do I have my favorites? Yes, but still very difficult to choose. ^^

  • Arthea Emory

    FATED TO LOVE YOU!!! Ok…so like you I have been comparing one to the other. Korean FTLY is as if someone watched the Taiwanese version and is describing it one episode at a time. Where the main story is told…just a few elements are left out. Trot Lovers…is over….*sniff sniff*. BUT, what a cool drama! Marriage Not Dating. LOVING! Second male lead/ultimate little brother/hottie with a body…and he cooks! I know that as a rule of K-Dramas…I’m supposed to root for the second male lead…but, after the last episode I watched…he’s on my no-no list. I’m going to put off voting until I watch the episodes of It’s Okay, That’s Love and The Mermaid this weekend. Who’s a champion marathoner? This girl!

    Maki’s lesson for the week…It’s Okay, That’s Love…and sometimes…Love hurts. *giggles*

    You keep posting, I’ll keep watching!!!

    • Arthea Emory

      Marathon…DONE! Voting…DITTO!

      Surplus Princess…meh…I’ll finish watching it just to see what happens.

      It’s Okay,That’s Love! My crazy is better than your crazy. LOL! Mental instability is nothing to laugh at, but when you add levity to a serious subject it makes it easier to accept. I SO <3 THIS SHOW!!! I thought FTLY was placed wrong on the list. Stephanie…I was wrong and I apologize for questioning your wisdom…*giggles*. There is soooooo much to say…but if I do I'll be dropping spoilers left and right. But when a show grabs you in the first 5 minutes and throws you on a rocked fueled roller coaster WITH LOOPS…what do you expect?

      You keep posting, I'll keep watching!!!

    • hallyuback

      I agree with you in the beginning of FTLY, and they’re still keeping the main overall elements but they’ve def. made it their own. You watch more dramas than anyone I know! You are THE champion marathoner!! ^.~ Thanks so much for always supporting a sister, I always love reading your comments. If I had as much time as you to watch I probably would have written back sooner LOL ^^

  • Shountae Boothe

    Fated ahh i love it. I didnt think i would like it. Ive never watched the T drama and my expectations are always low for remakes but can I say love love love.Marriage not dating is also lots of fun and even though Han Yeo Reum is proving quite scheming i cant help but swoon evrytime he smiles on screen . Sigh. I definitely want to start its okay too love me some Gong Hyo jin. Im still iffy about trot lovers but i think im going to give it a try soon.

  • Mona

    Fated to love you :)….. I haven’t been this in love with a drama since Coffee Prince. The chemistry of the OTP is definitely strong. I’m a fan of the actors in It’s okay, that’s love, but honestly, for me, their chemistry pales in comparison to FTLY.