Although Japanese dramas in 2013 still aren’t nearly as popular as Korean dramas, I’m really excited for the comeback they are making! My thing is, before the big Japanese earthquake, Jdramas were very popular, and very, very good. After the whole earthquake shook the country (which by the way they talk about in Saikou no Rikon), the Japanese drama community has been struggling a bit. I don’t know all the details or logistics, but they don’t have the big money and the high tech falshy appearance that Korean dramas have. They make up for it completely with an artistic approach to filming, and terrific writing.

This year is looking pretty exciting, if for none other than the following two dramas on this list: Itazura na Kiss – Love in Tokyo, and Last Cinderella.

Love in Tokyo is a great choice for Japan. They made a version of it before in 1996, but it had been so long since this that it was about time for a remake. And they nailed this one! I think if they would have done this last year, Japanese dramas as a whole might not have been up to the caliber to interest people in dramas outside this drama. Doing it this year gives Jdramas the potential to extend the audience of Japanese dramas to a younger, more enthusiastic demographic. It’s such a beloved story. It’s about a not so smart girl who people say will never go anywhere ends up winning the heart of the coolest guy in school. It’s a great manga, and the Taiwanese and Korean adaptions of this story were really popular.. even though I’m not a super big fan of the Korean version. (Those kids have zero chemistry! The honeymoon kissing scene was pathetic…..) While it will never be as popuklar as Hana Yori Dango, it was still a really smart choice on a really well known story. I have big hopes that, when we look back on this era of dramas, that this version will be considered one of the legendary Jdramas.

But probably the drama that most took me off guard, and probably my favorite drama to come out of Asia in 2013 is Last Cinderella. Oh my goodness, where did this drama come from? It’s like a typical, ideal Japanese romance story. While watching it (andyes, I’ve seen the entire drama^^), I spent the whole time trying to figure out which guy she would end up being with. Both of the main guy characters were generally good guys. They were both compassionate and understand. They were both good looking. And both I could sit and have a pizza and beer with. DANG!!! How is a girl supposed to choose between that? They also talk about taboo topics like homosexuality, erectile disfunction, cheating, sex addiction, relationship problems, mother in law problems, divorce, friendship issues, and the list goes on. There are sex scenes in this one, Japanese cultural scenes, and really I just wanted to be transported into the drama and be one of the characters. It’s just that freaking cool. And it was really funny. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it actually was.

I have had people say to me ‘It’s like a Korean drama’, or it’s like this type of drama or that, but to me it just goes down on my list of best dramas I have ever seen. I would totally re-watch this one at a later date.

Yea, so do I need to say anything more? No! Check out some of these dramas man. DANG! Lol

PS- I made a mistake when researching these dramas, and inadvertently called ‘Kazoku Game’ Kazou Game. Dang it, my Japanese stinks! My mistake guys!

The list from the video:

5. Saikou No Rikon

4. Kazou Game

3. Itazura na Kiss – Love in Tokyo

2. Tonbi

1. Last Cinderella

the bloopers:

  • Jose Alonso

    I was having my doubts about watching Last Cinderella, but after the review you gave, I’m convinced I need to watch it. Thanks!

  • feburi

    Tonbi >>>>

  • Seiya Leventis

    Well Tonbi is not a series though…