This video marks 5 years of wrapping up Korean Dramas with my picks for best dramas of the year! Wow, how time flies.

2017 has been a year of transition for us, and in many ways for Korean Dramas too. Several major networks faced some serious strikes that went on for months and affected programming. Not to mention international politics causing upheaval when China decided to put an embargo on Korean entertainment that was keenly felt as dramas had to cut back on production costs.

Moreover, there’s been some significant shifts in how people are watching dramas and which ones they’ve been choosing to love. Love dramas haven’t been as popular this year (though they will always be a favorite of mine), but instead we saw a lot more crime based dramas.

Kpop idols have taken more of a platform as some stars have jumped into lead roles for their acting debut, and other more established actors have tried out web-dramas and the weekly double feature (32 shorter episodes instead of the usual 16.)  I personally found myself taking a step back and reminding myself why I love them in the first place – researching carefully and not even choosing to watch a drama unless I knew I wanted to watch to the very end. It was a little more Steph, a little less HallyuBack, and a whole lot of “I watch dramas because I love them.” Speaking of, these 5 dramas.. EPIC.

What were your epic dramas this year?

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Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

  • Rebekah

    My favorite kdrama this year was not on the list. Father is Strange.