This week after over 2 years of making them, we almost didn’t have a Top 5 to come out! Yikes!!! But, I couldn’t do that to you guys.. not this week anyways. I’ve been super busy as I’m sure you probably know if you’ve been following our daily vlogs – hooray grad school! So on our way back from Seoul the other day, Richard and I had a brainstorming session for upcoming videos we should make.


Richard asked me if I had ever made a Top 5 of my favorite Korean drama actors. And you know what, I never have! I’ve made smexiest actors, I’ve made best voices (last week) and videos like that but I have never really focused on just acting ability. So I decided to give it a go!

Now there are a lot of Korean actors I would like to put on the list – Yoo Seung Ho, Jang Hyuk, Lee Seung Gi, Gong Yoo, Kim Soo Hyun, etc. etc. etc. But in having to narrow it down to 5 I found it very difficult and in turn I found myself to be a lot more picky than normal.

Lee Jong Suk started his career as a model in 2005 and has only been acting for 4 years. But what a 4 years it’s been! Heck, one of his first dramas was secret garden! He’s certainly proved himself with a variety of roles, from high school dramas and now into much more adult related roles. He’s already had one hit drama this year with Doctor Stranger and has another one due out next month with Pinocchio. He’s my pick for one guy to really pay attention to in the future!

Hyun Bin on the other hand didn’t get his start with a fantastic drama.. Ireland one of his first is one of my all-time least favorite dramas. While he’s best known for playing narcissistic chaebol heirs, he’s got a large repertoire that includes a math genius turned boxer (The Snow Queen), a tv producer (The Worlds Within), a patient in a mental ward (I’m Happy), a sociopathic gangster (Friend, Our Legend), he switched bodies with Ha Ji Won’s character (Secret Garden) and most recently played a King (The Fatal Encounter). There’s a few dramas/movies to check out if you’re a Hyun Bin fan!

My number one on this list was So Ji Sub. Honestly, I’m a rather new fan of his, having never really watched his dramas before Master’s Sun. However, I’m making it a mission to go back and watch them all! One of his favorite roles of all time was a scam artist in Australia (I’m Sorry, I Love You). He’s also done a lot of action roles from gangsters, to boxers and war heroes. But what I really love him in is a good melodrama, which he’s done a few times. Maybe there’s better actors out there in Korean drama land but he’s one actor that keeps me glued to the screen!

Happy Drama Watching everyone! :)

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  • Arthea Emory

    Love your list….just surprised there’s no JKS (JGS). Shocked actually. But I’m just happy there’s no LMH…BECAUSE IT’S YOUR LIST DAG NABBIT!

    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!

    • hallyuback

      Haha!!!! I love your understanding!!! JGS is good but some of his dramas lately have been a bit less than amazing.. And I could only choose a few!

  • Karen Shortell

    Jo In Sung won me over in It’s Okay, That’s Love. I have loved him since I first saw him, but I don’t think anyone else could have played that part as well.

    • hallyuback

      Certainly not.. it was such a unique and quirky role and he played the character to perfection!

  • rosario Cf

    So Ji Sub is great *~*

    • hallyuback

      Totally waiting for his next drama to come out.

  • Priscilla Barrios Alfaro

    hello, I’m new around your blog but I totally love it. I was thinking about Jo In Sung in That winter the wind blows with that tricky and CREEPY (at least for me) story line, so i thougth you could do a list of the most creepy or weird story lines in kdramas, coz I have notice they are like specialist to plan really out of your mind storys and maybe that’s why we like them more than american tv shows, al least in my case. I am from Costa Rica by the way and is really nice you passion about Korean dramas.

    • hallyuback

      Thanks for the recommendation!