We’ve all been there ladies, haven’t we? Dramas sometimes make us emotional. They can totally affect our mood outside dramaland, or at least for me they sometimes can.


I’ll never forget the time when I was watching the Kdrama ‘Innocent Man’. I would curl up to watch it, usually late at night, and each and every episode was so intense. I was on edge and yea, I became a little bit moody for the duration of time I was watching it. It was a great drama, but I doubt I could go back and watch it again. I was just too wrapped up in it.

Another drama that had me reacting strongly was Rooftop Prince. I distinctly remember all the ramen scenes making me want to go out and eat ramen. But more than that, I found myself laughing, crying, and even at times yelling at the computer screen. It was so well done, and the ancient storyline totally got me.. to the core.

Other dramas that I’ve watched that have made lasting impression are 1 Liter of Tears (Japan) or Mars (Taiwan). Both of these are intense, tragic, mess with your mind dramas. I was in Korea when I saw both of these. I remember being recommended by some of you guyz to watch these, and so I did. Having experienced somebody close to me die before, it was extremely emotional experience. Richard heard more than his fair share from me during the time I was watching 1 Liter of Tears. It drew out empathy from me, and really left me shattered. It’s based on a real story, and it makes you question why terrible things happen to really good people. It brings up that question that can’t be answered, but that a lot of us have witnessed from a distance or with someone close beside us.

There are certain things that happen when you start watching dramas on a regular basis that become habits. These are habits that others may not quite understand. Like you mom, or your sister, or in my case my husband. Actually he understands now that we’ve been doing Hallyu Back nearly two years. And frankly, his latest addiction with House Of Cards is just as extreme as any Korean drama plotline I’ve ever heard.

I think that’s one reason why I love doing Hallyu Back. There’s a lot of people out there that don’t have the same depth of interest in Korean and Asian dramas as you who may be reading this, or I do. But around the world there is this community of people who share this geeky interest in common, and I feel deserves the same respect as other fandoms get.

So yea, this video is for you guyz: My Korean drama loving international family. ^^

Happy Drama Watching! ☺

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  • Sel Ma

    You’re totally right ! and nice necklace btw 😀

    • hallyuback

      Thanks Sel Ma ^^

  • irilight

    Neither one. I have no interest at all in these 2 drama. My favorites right now (before June’s last week) are the two “underdogs” that no one wanted to sub.. My #1 is the fantastic modern historical drama “Into the Flames” with Choi Soo-Jong portraying the real story behind the man who started the Korean Steel industry and changed the economy of Korea forever thanks to that. Fascinating and awesome acting. There would have been no POSCO if it were not for him. My #2 is “Glorious Day” with Lee Sang-woo. It took me 3 ep. to get into and then I went on a marathon. Love the script, humor, cast. By ep 14 I am loving it.

    • hallyuback

      Now that’s dedication if I ever heard it! I bet the Choi Soo Jung drama is interesting.. :)

  • Zheng Lin

    I loved this video! You hit the points right on dot! Haha. It made my day! Thank you. Currently, I’m in love with You’re Surrounded. I want Doctor Stranger to finish filming. It’s such a dramatic and intense drama and those cliffhangers would get the best of me. I’ll watch it when my summer vacation officially starts! Happy drama watching <3

  • Melinda Lipinski

    huh well i am sure i dont know what you mean….stop looking at me like that…fine..just dont judge me. also are you wearing one of your new dresses here?

  • MsDreaMy

    I’m more obsessed with Glorious days and come! jang bori!