I’m into historical dramas, so I decided to make this list as 2012 comes to a close.

5. Horse Doctor

If you like horses and you’re a fan of Korean dramas, this one is definitely for you. A doctor of the King during the Joseon dynasty period follows a veterinarian as he goes through the challenges of becoming the royal physician.

4. Arang and the Magistrate

Lee Min Ki and Shin Min Ah star in a drama I reviewed on TOAD earlier this year. Check it out here. It wasn’t as popular with the audience outside Korea as I thought it might be, so watch at your own risk.

3. Faith the Great Doctor

If you’re familiar with Korean dramas at all (and if you are reading this then you definitely are) watch this one for Lee Min Ho. ‘Nuff said.

2. Bridal Mask

Into Korea kicking Japan’s ass in a drama made by Koreans? Then I recommend Bridal Mask.

1. The Moon Embracing the Sun

Haven’t seen this one yet, but have heard rave reviews about it.

Runners up included:

1. Jeon Woo Chi
2. Rooftop Prince

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