This was my first kissing video. I had no idea at the time how seriously large the demand on YouTube was for kissing videos. Drama lovers like most of us seem to watch for kissing scenes. One of the things we all can’t wait to see and that we are all looking forward to is a great kissing scene. Even the semi-boring, timid Korean drama kisses are sought after. It’s insane!!!

5. Iljimae’s Blindfolded Kiss

Lee Jun Ki is super attractive and when you combine that with the super hero concept in a historical drama, and put cherry blossoms all around at night, it’s all about the aesthetics. The environment in this one is the stuff of legends. The kiss is overly remarkable, but we can dream that it was now can’t we?!!!

4. Late Autumn Kiss

I review Hyun Bin’s best kisses here, and respect the man more after watching all these kisses. He’s smexy. That is all.

3. Sexy Handcuffed Rock n Roll Smooch

I have never gotten a chance to review this one for a number of reasons. It came out about a year or so before I began doing TOADs, and have never really gotten a lot of requests for it. But, Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young are my respective male and female top Indie drama actors in Korea. They were both playing the perfect roles for them in this one. There’s something about Jang Geun Suk as a poor musician in Hongdae kissing Moon Geun Young up against a graffiti-covered wall. I said it in the video, it’s my Indie fantasy!

2. Coffee Prince’s Up Against the Door

Good Lord! This kiss helped hook me into Korean dramas for sure! Mr. Gong Yoo oh yea!!!!! Yoon Eun Hye was my favorite actress at this point in her acting career. It was her break out role, and there’s just something so nerdy and awesome about this whole scenario. Plus, the sexy short hair! It’s not something a lot of guys find attractive. But, because Gong Yoo’s character was all about it, it gave me hope.. because I was still single at the time. And who wouldn’t want to kiss Gong Yoo at least once in their life? ..besides straight men anyways.. >.<

1. Love Rain’s Fountain Explosion Kiss

I think the thing I like most about this kiss is that it is something that could actually happen. It doesn’t have all the constraints that some of the other ones do. At number 5 we had cherry blossoms, and at number 4 we had the ocean. Even number 2: you have to have a guy that can pick you up and toss you around. In the princess diaries movie started the whole ‘it’s the right one when your legs pops when you kiss them’ trend. This one was the ‘you know he is the right one when the bag drops’ which, to me, is more believable because bags are freaking heavy man. I don’t want to hold onto my bag when I’m kissing the man that I love, I want to drop it. And, thankfully they were in Seoul where no one was wanting to snatch it.


  • ladysaotome

    I love your list! 😀 I have another suggestion to add to your hugely long list of Top 5s – Best

    accidental kisses. And I even have 2 of the kisses for the list, both from Lee Min Ki & Eugene’s drama I Really, Really Like You!

    In the first kiss, she’s asleep at her desk dreaming of kissing her crush, he puts her in bed and she grabs at him in her sleep and lays one on him. It is hysterical and unrealistic and he is spazzing out but she’s got a deathgrip around his neck & he can’t get away and he is shaking and suddenly just collapses into it. And the next day all he sees whenever he looks at her is her lips. 😀 It’s also, I think, the moment when he starts to finally look at her as a romantic interest rather than just an annoying housemate. You can see it here: (the actual kiss starts about 2:20)

    In the 2nd kiss, he’s in the hospital all broken after being shoved down the stairs in the line of presidential, bodyguard duty and she’s sleeping on a cot beside the bed to take care of him. And things have been all awkward between them ever since she rejected his confession although she’s starting to reconsider ever since he nearly died. Plus just 5 minutes earlier she caught him taking pictures of her on his cell phone, so she knows he’s not as over her as he’s been pretending. And he leans over to pull her blankets back up and… (starts about 7:05ish – watch the whole scene!!)