5. Legal High

A legal comedy about an attorney who loves his money and women but always wins the case and a female rookie attorney who starts to work at the firm and how their personalities clash. It’s something to make you laugh while those of us in the northern hemisphere are freezing up here. But really, it’s entertaining.

4. Kagi no Katatta Heya

It’s a drama about a man who works at a security firm and is obsessed with locks and breaking into sealed rooms. You get to play detective and try to solve mysteries episode by episode – fun!

3. Priceless

I’ve already reviewed this one and frankly, it’s a great story with Kimura Takuya and Karina – two very attractive and talented japanese actors who after getting. At the moment it’s still currently airing and i’m continuing to watch because it makes me happy.

2. GTO – Great Teacher Onizuka

Ok, I’ve already done a review of this one that’s gotten a lot of flack because I say that Onizuka is sketchy – and he is! I’ve tried to read the manga, watch the anime, and the dramas – and personally gotta say as a girl, his character grates on me a bit.. However, looking past that.. Onizuka is really an awesome guy who goes about things in unethical ways that breaks past the teacher student barrier and really makes some life changing impacts – that deep down every teacher wishes they could actually do – and to have a teacher like that would be pretty awesome.

1. Rich Man, Poor Woman

A great drama full of intrigue about a guy who starts an internet website from his room but has some issues socially, and a girl who is highly qualified but can’t get a job in today’s economy. It’s been likened to a television adaption of the social network – and frankly OGURI SHUN – One of my favorite Japanese male actors that I have yet to see in something terrible.

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