Kamenashi Kazuya is definitely one of my top 3 favorite Japanese actors. Since I made this video, I recently in watched him in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi. If I had seen this drama prior to making this list, it very well may have taken the number one spot. But.. such as life. These things happen. It was practically impossible to narrow down my top 5 favorite Kame dramas anyway. Everything he does is really good!

5. One Pound Gospel as Hatanaka Kosaku

I loved this drama Kame does what Kame is really great at, and that is look like a scrappy fighter. He’s really thin, and he’s got this angular appearance that makes him look like he’s got something to prove. This one also has Meisa Kuroki who, to me, is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses out there. She plays a nun that falls in love with a boxer. It is like a quirky version of The Sound of Music without the Nazis and children, and with a boxer.. Okay it’s not much like Sound of Music at all, but it is still a fun story.

4. Yokai Ningen as Bem

This one made it into my list because it is such a different style of drama than anything else that I have seen him in. He plays a freaking monster!!! But a sexy monster who does good. And somehow he looks amazing with silver hair. It is like you take Kame and turn him into an anime character and this is what you get.

3. Kami no Shizuku as Kanzaki Shizuku

This drama is not that popular, but I was utterly enthralled. It’s a drama that is all about wine. It’s not really designed for younger audiences, but for someone like me who is in my mid-twenties, it was sort of perfect! It came out right about the time I turned 21 and I was attracted to it because I wanted to learn more about the sophistication of it all. I got to learn about wine and watch Kame in a drama at the same time? I was sold! And the manga that it’s based off of has helped to make wine popular in Korea. That’s a good thing because I live here. When I first moved here the wine selection was terrible, but it’s getting better. I’m wondering how much we can attribute that to this drama? Hmm…….

2. Sapuri as Ishida Yuya

For me, this is one of the most underrated dramas that I’ve seen. It reminds me somewhat of the romantic connection that you had in Coffee Prince. The friendly co-worker relationship that develops into more, except without the girl that turns into a guy thing. You don’t see the older woman character with the younger, inexperienced guy who reminds him what is important in life a lot in dramas. I like the fact that this drama tells about life being more than just slaving away at your job, making money, and doing what you are expected to do. You gotta enjoy all the moments, and embrace it.

1. Nobuta wo Produce as Shuji Kiritani

This is Kame’s big high school drama. You’ve got 3 of Japan’s most popular actors and actresses at the beginning of their popularity in a completely Indie drama. It tells a story of how a girl goes from being scary to popular and accepted. Kame was in a similar drama called Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge that was also about trying to make a scary, ugly girl beautiful. But, where this other drama was also really popular, to me it can’t compare to the youth and friendship that is portrayed in Nobuta.


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    Yamato nadeshiko shichi henge is cool too

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    I like your personality but OMG the name butchering. The crappy pronunciation. My ears are bleeding. (And no, I’m not one of those weeaboo creeps who are super picky about this kind of thing, but still, please work on it…)