This may be one of my favorite times of year to not only celebrate the warm holidays in the midst of the cold winter season, but also to talk about Korean dramas. In part, because it’s the end of the year and there’s been so many fantastic Korean drama actors and actresses. But really, I love letting you guys tell me who your picks are for best thespians!


It’s not always easy choosing top 5’s and goodness knows I’ve made some bad calls over the years along with the good ones. I’ve also left out some pretty amazing dramas that should be considered. In looking at your list for best actors and actresses I overall agree with the choices. However, I still can’t believe that Ha Ji Won took 6th place! For those of you who’ve been following my reviews for a while you probably know that I’m a huge Ha Ji Won fan. But then, if she made it in, who would I have left out? I assumed the top 3. Heck, after Fated to Love You, I assumed the top 4. What I was pleasantly surprised with was you guys choosing Han Groo to be in the top 5! Marriage Not Dating could have been a throw away drama. The story wasn’t really all that mind-blowingly original, as a story about friendships and intertwined relationships, a cliché dating contract due to pushy, overbearing chaebol parents and an ex that wouldn’t let go. Heck, none of the actors or actresses starring in it was a super popular young A-list thespian. Yet, despite all of these issues that the drama had mounted against it, Han Groo tore them all apart literally when she turned tables upside down and won our hearts over with the leading man’s. Congrats Han Groo!

As for leading men, I’m not really disagreeing with you either, but I’m going to put a word in for who I feel was the best supporting actor this year. That, would be Shin Sung Rok. Holy crap, this guy was scary good. Like scary. And he was really good at playing scary. That’s not saying that all of his roles were scary, and he had a lot of roles. Dude was in 4 different dramas and managed to snag your attention in every damn one of them (Ok, I don’t know about King’s face since I haven’t watched any of it, but I can imagine!) And if that’s not enough, boy is a musical theater actor by trade and managed to play the Louis XIV in the Sun King this year.. yeah, no biggie right?!?! This is one guy who’s not sitting on his couch eating Doritos. Way to come back after doing your military service in a way that’s making us drama addicts say.. whoa!! Who’s this?? Not gonna forget this face!! He’s a 32-year-old hottie and he’s in our drama radars now and isn’t going away! Or mine at least, I don’t know about ya’ll!

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Fan-Voted Best Korean Drama Actress List:

1. Gong Hyo Jin
2. Jun Ji Hyun
3. Park Shin Hye
4. Jang Na Ra
5. Han Groo
6. Ha Ji Won
7. Yoo In Na
8. Kang So Ra
9. Jung Eun Ji
10. Kim Sae Ron
11. Park Si Yeon
12. Lee Bo Young
12. Shim Eun Kyung
14. Uhm Jung Hwa
14. Gu Hye Sun
16. Jin Se Yeon
16. Baek Jin Hee
18. Wang Ji Won
19. Yoo In Young
20. Choi Soo Young

Fan-Voted Best Korean Drama Actor List:

1. Kim Soo Hyun
2. Jo In Sung
3. Lee Jong Suk
4. Choi Jin Hyuk
5. Jang Hyuk
6. Joo Sang Wook
6. Lee Hong Ki
8. Bang Sung Joon
8. Shin Sung Rok
10. Seo In Guk
11. Joo Won
12. Lee Seung Gi
12. Lee Dong Wook
14. Park Seo Joon
14. Jung Yong Hwa
16. Kim Jae Joong
17. Park Hye Jin
18. Kim Hyun Joong
19. No Min Woo
20. Kim Sung Oh

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  • Ray Labarbera

    Definitely agree with you on Sing Sung Rok. The phone call in “You Who Came from the Stars” ,when we find out his true nature, is my favorite “Holy Crap” moment in K Dramas. Would love to see him in more leading roles where he can explore his more “quirky” sides, maybe in a more lovable way

  • Aspen

    I loved its OK that’s love so for that reason I want that necklace. I loved Gong Ho Gin in this drama. She played her part to perfection. She had great chemistry with Jo in sung. Looking forward to seeing their future dramas.

  • Carmen Damocles

    I like anyone who’s really cute. Let’s see, Eugene and Park Shin-Hye.