This one actually came as a request! I got excited by this request when we were doing our Lee Min Ho/Jang Geun Suk postcard giveaway. (..which BY THE WAY Lee Min Ho postcards have not yet been claimed! I may have to give them away to a new person, what do you guyz think?. Click here to see if you won.)


This is one of the things I find really attractive is guyz voices. It helps to make a drama WAY more interesting. If a guy has a nice voice, it goes a long way at making him more attractive. So thanks Mona for this request because when I saw it I knew I wanted to talk about it and immediately started conceiving a list.

Truth be told, the hardest part is narrowing it down to 5 only.

I picked Rain because I’ve been watching him a lot recent thanks to My Lovely Girl and he’s got a really nice, smoky voice.

I picked Lee Sung Gyun because he’s known as ‘The Voice’. He’s the first man to capture my attention in dramaland with their voice.

I picked Top because, while he hasn’t been in that many dramas, he’s one of my favorite voices in Korea both with dramas and musical endeavors.

I picked Jang Geun Suk because he is my indie man in Kdrama land who’s got a voice that so deep I don’t know where it came from on such a Metrosexual looking body.

And I picked Bang Sung Joon because he’s my seriously my voice of this year. Make that the last two years. Ever since I heard him in Shut Up Flower Boy Band I can’t get enough of his voice.

So that’s it for my list? What about you guyz? Who’s your favorite or top favorite picks or best voice in Korean drama land? Drop a note below or in the comments section on YouTube. Who did I forget about?

Happy Drama Watching everyone! ☺

Full list from the video:

5. Rain – 비
4. Lee Sun Gyun – 이선균
3. TOP – 탑
2. Jang Geun Seok – 장근석
1. Sung Joon – 성준

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  • dewaanifordrama

    This is a great idea! (So I actually walked past you in the hallway the other day, and then wasn’t sure what to say, and I was awkward…haha). Anyway, I most definitely have a thing for voices and there are a few men in K-drama who I would be happy if they would record an audio book just so I could listen to them speak endlessly. They could even read the phonebook, I wouldn’t mind. My top 5 would have to be: 1) Choi Jin Hyuk, 2) TOP, 3) Jin Yi Han, 4) Kim Woo Bin, and 5) Jang Geun Seok. Though Sung Joon is also really tempting to add to my list *sigh* I do love those deep voices.

    • hallyuback

      You saw me and didn’t say hi? I’m a bit awkward in public meeting new people too, so by all means say hello next time! If I have time I’d love to sit down and grab a coffee with you 😀 And btw nice list yourself! ^^

      • dewaanifordrama

        I think I was just so surprised. I will for sure say hi next time and that would be lovely to sit down and chat. ^^

  • Arthea Emory

    I think you enjoy making my brain hurt…but YAY for the countdown. ON TO THE INTERNET FOR DRAMA SEARCHES!!!

    Choi Jin-hyuk(Emergency Couple), Han Jung-Soo(Blade Man), Jang Hyuk(Fated To Love You), Cha Seung-Won(The Greatest Love), Song Joong-Ki(Innocent Man), Park Yu-Hwan(K-Pop: The Ultimate Audition), Ji Hyun-Woo(Trot Lovers), Ok Taec-Yeon(Dream High), Bae Soo-Bin(49 Days), Lee Jong-Suk(Doctor Stranger)…I’ll stop here…because I could go on FOR-EH-VER. OF COURSE all the guys on your list as well! Especially ‘The Voice’. It’s like melting caramel…smooth, silky, creamy and sweet…*sigh*…

    Just his Dramas…I Am Sam (2007) and Iris (2009). I Am Sam was pretty….wah wah, but that’s just my opinion.

    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!!!

  • Lubna Almomani

    This is great!! To choose artists by their voices..mmm my list would be 1) Jang keun suk velvet voice 2) choi jin hyuk 3) sung joon 4) rain 5) top
    By the way i love ur videos sooo much.. and I always watch them but it’s my first time to comment kkkkk

  • TreScotts1Fan

    Lee Soo Hyuk
    Lee Soo Hyuk
    Lee Soo Hyuk
    I didn’t even know who he was and I had a T.O.P rated response to him speaking. I didn’t know what career Lee Soo Hyuk was in. I was like damn you could be ugly as hell and that come hither voice would draw me in. Luckily I looked up and he was DAYUM fine. LOL But really Lee Soo Hyuk.

    • dewaanifordrama

      I knew there was someone I wanted to add to my list but I just couldn’t remember! Ah! Thank you!

  • Chelly Wood

    Sung Joon’s voice is like warm chocolate. Mmmm!