This summer has been the summer of the Korean romantic comedy. And frankly they are pretty darn smexy! So I decided to pick this Top 5 and share them with you guyz.


Number 5 was Fated to Love You. I would have liked to put this one higher up on the list, but in part due to the contractual nature of the drama, there’s not a whole lot of kisses despite having a lot of great chemistry. There’s a lot of uber romantic moments that lock you in. In fact, some of them are pretty darn romantic, especially in some of the more recently released episodes. Unfortunately most of these moments don’t end in a lip lock. Maybe a hand hold or a hug from behind, but not a smooch.

I cheated a little bit on number 4. I haven’t actually watched this scene in the drama yet because I’m slowly making my way through the episodes, but I knew there had to be a good kissing scenes in there somewhere. So I did my research and I found this kiss which I actually really liked. It’s an authentic reaction that I think goes against the traditional Korean drama norm that shows women are somewhat helpless in romantic situations. This one shows the main female lead as powerful, in control and that it’s not okay for guys to be possessive and jealous. Yay for healthy drama relationship advice!

My number 3 is The Mermaid. It’s very rare that a drama starts off with smexiness, especially with an uber smexy kiss scene. But not this drama! Not only do you have the smexy kiss where she’s totally going in for it, they are both underwater kissing! You also have the cartoonish flush of her cheeks, an indication that there may be some French tongue action going on. And then, you have the female grabbing the male’s apple bottom butt, which they make a HUGE deal about. Funny and sensual, and within the first 10 minutes of a drama? Now that’s something you don’t see everyday. Way to start off with a bang!

As for numbers 2 and 1, I’ll let you watch the video for those. I’m pretty with how I described them on the fly, and I don’t think I could rephrase it any better. Plus Maki was right there keeping me company, and trying to distract me with her cuteness. It almost works everytime.

So what are you Top 5 kisses of the summer? Let me know down below!

Happy Drama Watching everyone! ☺

The Full list from the video:

5. Fated to Love You “My Husband Actually Likes Me Kiss”
4. Trot Lovers “Jealousy Ain’t Cool Kiss”
3. Surplus Princess/The Mermaid “Siren Kiss”
2. Marriage Not Dating “I Must Be Crazy Kiss”
1. It’s Ok That’s Love “Wet and Dreamy Kiss”

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  • Arthea Emory

    Better Kisser…Jo In Sung…who would I rather kiss? Jang Hyuk…he just exudes…yum!

    • hallyuback

      So you would kiss them both then.. LOL 😉

  • irilight

    Marriage Not Dating for sure over That’s ok that’s Love. I liked a different kiss in Trot Lovers – photo below. Surplus is not my cuppa from the little I have seen. But I adore the sweet moments on Hi! School – Love on between Seul-Bi and the Infinite Boys – Woo-Hyan & Sung-Yeol. This drama is so precious…no kisses needed. there is romance and bromance.

    • hallyuback

      HSLO def. has its moments, and I’ve only seen the first episode! Thanks for your insights!! ^^

  • Karen Shortell

    The kisses in Marriage, not Dating are really the best of all, in my opinion, of course. And – the shower scene near the end of episode 13 is the funniest one I have ever seen. He doesn’t have the chocolate abs of a lot of Korean Idols, but he sure has acting chops. Not too sure about the shirt he was wearing just before that though.

    • hallyuback

      That shower scene certainly wasn’t difficult on the eyes *^^*