To say that Korean drama kisses are the story arc that people who watch kdramas anticipate is an understatement.  If there are two things that I find we look forward to more than anything: shower scenes and smexy kisses!!

To help make your summer a little brighter and perhaps help you find some new smexy dramas that you may have overlooked, here are my top 5 kissing scenes of summer 2015!

Actually I must admit that there is one kiss that was omitted because I filmed this in advance due to me being in New York for KCON – High Society has a fantastic ending kiss!  So there’s another heads up for those of you who actually read this blog!  Love you guys and can’t wait to meet some of you at KCON!!!

Full List from the Video:
5. Oh My Ghost – Getting Saucy Kiss
4. Scholar Who Walks At Night – Idealistic Beginnings Kiss
3. I Order You – Christmas in July Kiss
2. Warm and Cozy – Lets Just Stay In and Kiss Kiss
1. Oh My Ghost Ep. 8 – Pass the Baton Kiss

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  • Nurul Izzati

    have u watch “the time we were not in love”? i think it is the best drama of the year!!!!! eventhough 2015 has not ends yet 😛