This summer has lived up to the hype! And there’s no way I would let the summer pass me by without noting the hottest, smexiest, most passionate kiss scenes in Kdramas!

Kim So Hyun is all grown up! Lee Jong Suk is back and looking smexier than EVER! And, Uncontrollably Fond has been a bit of a disappointment, but the kiss scenes have not!

Admittedly I didn’t even put the best kiss into this video. The scene came out the day AFTER we filmed everything, so unfortunately it didn’t make the cut.

What dramas have YOU been watching this summer? And, have you been noting the Kdrama kiss scenes this summer? If so which one has been your favorite?

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

Full Kdrama Kiss Scene from the Video:
5. I Love You Suzy Kiss
4. Coming in for a Kiss
3. Lipstick Smear Kiss
2. Mechanical Kiss
1. Lee Jong Suk’s Farewell Kiss

the extra scenes