2012 was a great year for Korean dramas. Come admit it, you think so too!^^ It’ll always be an epic year for me anyways because it was the year I started making drama videos as part of Hallyu Back.

5. Rooftop Prince

This drama really surprised me. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was, but then when it did finally come out I ended up marathoning it the whole weekend because it was just that good! It’s got your historical, it’s got your modern, it’s got your romance, and it’s got your betrayal. It’s mak-jang, baby. It’s quintessentially everything most of us look for in a Korean drama.

4. An Innocent Man

Song Joon Ki has got the cutest little baby face, wouldn’t you say? He threw me for a loop in this one, totally wowed me. The darkness he held dear behind that baby face still gives me shivers when I think about it. This is totally a melodrama, and while for me the ending was just so-so, I was still glued the entire time to the end. I was like holy crap! How can people really be like that? Well.. maybe they can’t….. haha, it is a drama after all..

3. A Gentleman’s Dignity

This was probably my favorite drama I saw this year. It’s something that was so different from any other Korean drama that I had ever seen before. To base a drama completely around some.. shall we say middle aged men? ☺ ..and show some of the problems that they face in life isn’t something Korean dramas usually touch on.. or EVER touch on. Mind you, I actually do like older guys. (woohoo hubby!) But the writer made these guys give ALL the young guys a run for their money. For the amount of episodes that were playing I just kept thinking to myself: Young Korean model star Kpop guys who? Not interested.

2. Shut Up Flower Boy Band

I love this drama in some ways because it brings out the youthful spirit! This is the kind of thing that I wished would have actually happened if you will. Not that I want to be the main girl character, but this kind of thing doesn’t really happen in high school. It is, however, the kind of thing you see on TV all the time. It’s western style so to speak, but isn’t very truthful. Really it all boils down to I like Bang Sung Joon. Lee Min Ki was great for the first few episodes he was in, and Sung Joon seriously has potential to be something special in the Korean world. The music from the sountdrack he sang from the drama was so good it’s on my MP3 player. And with all the uber-pretty boys out there, I’m glad he is in the drama world.

1. Missing You

I put Missing You as my number one but thinking back.. I kind of question it. Let me be clear, it was a great drama! It was a mind f***, and totally out there compared with a lot of fluff I sometimes watch in dramaland. It has some of the biggest names in the Korean drama world, and all star cast if you will. But in some ways it was too dark, and had it dry points. Overlooking all of that, it was epic because I’ve never seen another drama like it. And, I never WANT to see another drama like it.