When I wrote and filmed this, mysoju.com was the website I used to follow Asian dramas. It was a site that connected you to streaming sites, and kept me up to date with the latest dramas coming out from around Asia.

Unfortunately now it is no longer in existence.. although now there are a lot of other great options.

These aren’t necessarily my Top 5 favorite dramas of all time, but are considered some of the best Korean dramas from 2008-2011.

I had to do a lot of refreshing, because even though I had seen a lot of these dramas, I hadn’t seen any of them in years.

We Got Married is actually a reality show and not a drama at all. It’s really popular, and still continues to be popular. They are still airing it, and it has launched many careers.

This one also has Shining Inheritance, which was one of the forst Korean Dramas I ever saw. It was long, and because of that wasn’t as memorable as some others I have seen. It also has ‘You’re Beautiful’, which was so popular that it was remade by Japan in 2011, and there is going to be a Taiwanese version in 2013 called ‘Fabulous Boys.’ You’re Beautiful launched Park Shin Hye’s career, and has become so popular that she has been asked to star opposite Lee Min Ho in ‘Heirs’.

I made this video a while ago, and at the time didn’t know just how popular Hallyu Back would become. In fact, the name Hallyu Back didn’t even exist. Look how far I’ve come ma? 😀

Posting Note: Even though I called this one a ‘TOAD’ review in the video, I’m classifying on the blog here as a Top 5, because I reviewed 5 dramas in this one.

The Top 5 List:

5. Shining Inheritance
4. We Got Married
3. First Shop of Coffee Prince
2. You’re Beautiful
1. Boys Over Flowers