I’m a music lover, and a drama lover, so naturally I’m a music drama lover! 😉

5. Ma Boy

A Hi-Teen Korean drama! At 3 episodes long how can you not check it out?

4. KPOP The Ultimate Audition

I didn’t like this one as much, and so I dropped it after the first episode. I guess I’m just growing up a bit. It happens.

3. Dream High 2

If you liked the original dream high, here’s the new class ready to sit down and learn a whole bunch of new things in school….. or something like that.

2. Reply 1997

It was the end of the 1990s when the power of the Kpop groups emerged. This one is all about rewinding to dreamier times and

1. Shut Up Flower Boy Band

My number one of this list is by far my favorite as well. I watched this entire drama cuz I just couldn’t stop. The music, the young actors, everything fit together pretty well. I even downloaded a few of the songs from Itunes from this drama because they were so good!

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