Right now I’m still waiting to get more information about new dramas coming out in April. (Stay tuned!) So, while thinking about what to film this week, Richard suggested that I talk about Romantic comedies. Of course I jumped on this because I LOVE ROMANTIC COMEDIES!!! Ahh… It’s one of my favorite genres (if not my favorite) and I realized that I hadn’t made a video about them since 2012. *Bad Stephanie, need to get one that!*


To some of you this list might be a given. But I realize that not everyone watches dramas the same way that I do. I decided to make this list and point out that for such a likable genre, these are 5 that if you haven’t seen them already, then you definitely should. Not only are they my top 5 romantic comedies, but they are also some of these best dramas (if not THE best dramas) to come out so far since the beginning of 2013. I know of course this is my personal list, but I have a hunch (tho many of your lists might have a different order) that most of you will agree with me. Or, at least include a few dramas from this video on your list.

My original Top 5 Korean Romantic Comedies video from 2012:

I also note that I did not include melodramas. For example: I Hear Your Voice, Empress Ki, and others because they are not romantic comedies. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t great dramas.

Here’s my list from the video:

5. Heirs

4. Cunning Single Lady

3. Reply 1994

2. Master’s Sun

1. You Who Came From The Stars

What’s your list of Romantic Comedies out of Korea since the beginning of 2013? Drop me a note in the comments if you feel so inclined! I like hearing about what everyone likes and is watching. ☺

Happy Drama Watching!!

the bloopers

  • sarah eel

    Pretty Man is my choice.

  • isa

    mine top one would be emergency couple lop it

  • Richard Burton

    You Who Came From The Stars

  • Karen Shortell

    I Need Romance 3 is my second favorite this year.

  • Leti43

    Hi Steph! My favorite is Master’s Sun! But I’m watching Single Cunning Lady and it’s so funny. The others options I don’t see it yet. Kisses from Argentina!!

  • BriarLee

    I agree with you on YWCFTS but I have to give a nod to Beautiful Man. I was happy to see Jang Geun Suk in a good role but the entire cast was fun. :)

  • Lhyn

    emergency couple for me :) love it

  • Shashing Ligz

    You who came from star and the master sun love it…

  • sophialiam

    Hi Steph. I am still for You who came from the stars. Also, off topic but if you could , I would love to see a Top 5 of either Win or Fail Drama Wedding proposals favorite of yours. Cheers :)

  • cor nayve

    The Master Sun is the best

  • carol

    master sun ofc!! :)