When I was initially making this list, the first thing I thought of was that some of you might probably be upset or annoyed that I didn’t include My Lovely Girl, the new Rain and Krystal drama. There’s no laughter on my part when it comes to that drama, even though I don’t think it’s a bad drama at all. It’s just not a true Romantic Comedy.


So here are 5 dramas that I think are actual romantic comedies that are going to be great this fall!

I put Blade Man on this list because it’s so utterly clearly ridiculous. And with that it gives this drama comic value even if it is the type of comedy that makes me frustrated and angry. And, though its taken multiple episode to get there it does turn into a romance. Gotta give it to Shin Se Kyung, this is probably her best acting to date.

Modern Farmer kind of reminds me a little bit of Shut Up Flower Boy Band from 2012. It also reminds me of your beautiful from 2009.. if only because it’s about a band. This drama is also about being young and figuring out life, and Lee Hong Ki stars in it. And the previews remind me of his character Jeremy so I love it already!

In the middle of the list is a drama called Pinocchio. I’m a Park Shin Hye fan even though I don’t like her in romantic scenes, which is kind of a weird dichotomy but it is what it is. I’m also a huge, HUGE Lee Jung Suk fan! And he is REALLY GREAT at romantic scenes. I really honestly can’t wait to see how the romantic scenes turn out in this one. Here’s hoping Lee Jung Suk can bring the best out of park Shin Hye.

I was actually walking around Gangnam last night when I realized why I’m so hyped up to see Naildo Cantabile. Not only is it one of my all time favorite stories to come out of Asia, but also because I feel a real connection to Nail’s character. I’ve always been a little bit quirky and absent-minded and my mom used to say that I live with my head in the clouds. School was never something I was really good at, but in time I’ve managed to find a way to succeed while still being me. Wow that got personal.

Since I filmed this video, I have watched the first two episodes of Greatest Wedding. Now I’m really going to have to make a review of it. Simply put you guyz, this drama in the first two episodes is amazeballs! Every scene is peppered with something comical. From what is said to what people wear, I’m entertained at every turn. In doing so they are managing to tackle some pretty hard to talk about issues that are not really pleasant in Korea but really do exist. And there’s definitely romance too! Heck you have a smexy bed scene in the first two episodes, even if it is kind of funny how it comes about.

That’s my list for Romantic Comedies of Fall 2014! Are you guyz watching any of these, or do you plan to ? Let me know down below or in the comment section of this video on YouTube.

Happy Drama Watching everyone! ☺

Full list from the video:

5. Blade Man – 아이언맨
4. Modern Farmer – 모던 파머
3. Pinocchio – 피노키오
2. Naeildo Cantabile – 내일도 칸타빌레
1. The Greatest Wedding – 최고의 결혼

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  • irilight

    I love Lee Hong Ki, but Modern Farmer from the PD who brought us Goddess Of Marriage? No way am I going to watch that. Pinocchio I will give a try only for Kim Young-Kwang (I wish he were the lead) Looking forward to Naeildo Cantabile and loving The Greatest Marriage. The story is good and the lead actors are good. I will always give a try to anything with Bae Soo-Bin. He is one versatile actor. Love the opening scene. Love PSY.. and Love NMW and the fact he cooks in this drama

  • Melinda Lipinski

    I have to admit i will probably only watch Pinocchio for Lee Jong Suk, while i don’t hate park shin hye she’s not my favourite