I did this video awhile ago, and looking back, with the exception of number 1 (and maybe 2) these dramas just don’t get talked about enough.

5. Three Dads, One Mom

It stars Eugene who is a Korean actress I really like.  After her husband dies she’s at a loss of what to do.  So, his 3 best friends take her in and help take care of her.  It’s kind of like 3 men and a baby, except the baby just doesn’t show up on the doorstep.  And, they are really fun and cute and do things to try to make her happy, but at the same time there’s kind of a peculation, before her husband died when they were trying to get pregnant, they were having some problems.  So, he enlisted the help of his friends to donate sperm so they could have a baby.  They are all taking her in but yet any one of them could be the dad.  They are trying to figure that out.  Not your typical written script for a Korean drama you could say..

4. That Fool

This one stars one of the greatest comedic actors in my opinion.  He’s Wang Jung Min, as a post office worker who ends up in an elaborate cover-up to save an actresses reputation, the extremely beautiful Kim A Joong.  She’s kinda got this thing going on with this guy, but it can’t happen because she’s too famous and it would create mass controversy.  Instead, he ends up covering for her in a six month contract relationship.  So, you have a famous actress with a homely postman.  The whole contract thing is very common in Korean dramas, and, as always, contracts never end up working, usually because people end up finding out they like this person.  *cue music*  He’s just a postman, I can’t like a postman, but he’s a sweet postman.  I think I’m falling in love.^^

3.  Kim Sam Soon

I have to honestly say I have not watched this one, though I really want to.  It came out during a period of my life when I had no computer.  However, all the reviews I’ve read about it are amazing.  He’s like the most ordinary, old-fashioned Korean name.  It’s like great aunt Margaret, or Ethel, or Bertha, but more uncool than that.  It’s supposed to be like Bridget Jones diary.  And it has Hyun Bin.^^  If you watch part or all of this one feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought of it!

2.  Goong

Every girl wants to be a princess.  And Goong is the story where an ordinary high school girl finds out tat her grandfather made an arranged marriage for her with the prince of Korea. (This is an alternate universe by the way, since Korea hasn’t had a prince since pre-Korean war)  This one is regular awkward girl learns how to be a princess and tries to build a relationship, or at least a friendship, with a high school boy she’s been forced to marry.  And there’s lots of random teddy bears, which I don’t mind at all..

1.  Full House

This one stars Song Hye Kyo and Rain.  If you’re a fan of Song Hye Kyo now, this one kind of shows that she is utterly timeless.  She’s (again!) in a contract.  He’s in a contract relationship with her, because her friends sent her on vacation and sold her house to him.  He’s a famous star and they need to share the house.  They pretend to be in a relationship to keep the paparazzi at bay.  They have this love/hate relationship thing going for them that above all else is entertaining and endearing.  Like really, if you’re in a serious relation with someone, sometimes you love them and sometimes you hate them, but it really makes you love them more.  And there’s the bear song.

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