One of the most beloved genres of Korean drama is the romantic comedy. It’s seriously my favorite as Korea does them so very well (other than the kissing scenes then unfortunately Taiwan usually has them beat).

With new dramas being announced each month the best romantic comedies change multiple times throughout the year.

In fact, most of these on this list weren’t known about at the beginning of the year.  Since it’s halfway through the year – is summertime and goodness knows we all need to camp out inside (preferably with a fan or air conditioner) to avoid the insane northern hemisphere temperatures that we’ve been having..

I thought an updated list of Kdramas romantic comedies to keep cool with would be greatly welcomed.  I know I’m enjoying them!

What’s your favorite Korea Drama Romantic Comedy this year? What’s your favorite OF ALL TIME? Let me know in the comments ^^

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

Full Korean Summer Rom Com 2016 List:
5. I’m Going To Touch You – 널 만질거야
4. Uncontrollably Fond – 함부로 애틋하게
3. Bring It On Ghost – 싸우자 귀신아
2. Lucky Romance – 운빨 로맨스
1. Oh Have Young Again – 또 오해영

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