This man is probably the most popular actor in Korea at this time. Prior to Boys Over Flowers in 2009, I had no idea who the heck this guy was. Unfortunately, after watching Boys Over Flowers, I wasn’t really a fan of how he acted the character. So, I boycotted his dramas until 2012 when I watched the drama ‘Faith: The Great Doctor.’ Suddenly, my mind was completely turned around and I realized the possibilities that lay within Lee Min Ho. Since this point in time I have been fascinated with him and have been attempting to backtrack to learn more about this super popular dude.

5. “Playground Kiss” from Boys Over Flowers

I think the chemistry between Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho SUCKED!!!!! But, there were a lot of kissing scenes, and between the director and whoever was in charge of scenery, they made some of those kisses magical. This is one of them.

4. “Sexy Time Kiss” from Personal Preference

The whole concept of this drama makes me laugh. Lee Min Ho is pretending to be a gay dude so that this girls lives with him. But really the thing is: of course any girl who moves in with Lee Min Ho is going to be attracted to him! She looks so utterly terrified in this kissing scene, and I have a hard time understanding that. She’s so scared and timid. Really, I don’t know many women, that when faced with the possibility of kissing Lee Min Ho wouldn’t just attack the guy! Why act shy and reserve? What would be the point of that?

3. “Elevator Kiss” from Personal Preference

This one shocked me because the whole kissing in public isn’t done in Korea, and definitely not to this extreme level. A show-stopping kiss in front of the elevators! When I think of ultimate kisses this is totally the first location I think of.. oh no, wait. It’s not. But regardless Lee Min Ho and his shark-skinned suit rocked it and made it worthwhile to watch. Unfortunately, the camera man made me dizzy. That must have been a 560 spin or something.

2. “Golden Ocean Kiss” from Boys Over Flowers

I don’t think of Gu Hye Sun as the type of sexy individual that would normally take the lead. But this is one of the few moments that she pulls through, and it looks lie they could actually potentially have some chemistry. Of course it helps tremendously that they are standing in front of the ocean with the wind blowing their hair. That does make it more swoon-worthy, don’t you think?

1. “Rooftop Kiss” from City Hunter

These kids in this drama actually had chemistry. To help matter along, they are on top of a roof overlooking the Seoul city skyline, which by the way happens to be gorgeous here. On the rooftop, there ALSO happens to be a porch swing, possibly the only porch swing I have ever seen in this country. And it’s so passionate, man! She’s all upset and he’s trying to calm her down. There’s nothing like making up when you’re in the midst of frustration. Making up with some smexy time only makes things more passionate.. and smexier!


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  • Kiki Bedford

    You missed two great ones the throne room kiss in faith, was amazing and unexpected, and my favorite would be the closet kiss in heirs that one was steamy hot, that’s when I started liking him lol