Most of 2012 wasn’t a great year for Taiwanese dramas, at least from a foreigner’s perspective. But, it looks like things have picked up in the winter of 2013 because they are bringing back a lot of the popular actors and actresses and the new stories look like they have a lot of potential. Most of them, however, are really long. Like some of them 60+ episodes long. If this was the U.S. that would be a couple of seasons, but this ain’t the U.S. Apparently, it ain’t Korea either.

5. Lady Maid Maid

This one stars Nicholas Teo. His first 2 dramas I loved. He was in ‘Smiling Pasta’ and ‘Invincible Shan Bao Nei’, and, well, he’s really attractive. It’s not so much that he’s a great actor as it is as much that he’s a super famous Asian star. He’s popular in Malaysia, China, Singapore and also in Taiwan. He’s also an amazing singer. In this one, the draw the watch it is really him. That’s what I’m thinking anyways, or at least that’s why I would watch it.

4. Love Now

This one is scheduled to be 72 episodes long. For drama lovers like many of us who watch with subtitles, this is longer than the average drama we watch. Truth be told the synopsis looks great. I thin both the leads have the potential of making it a great drama to watch, but at that many episodes, I may never get to it. Even if I start I won’t be able to finish that! I can barely finish my weekly homework and keep my head above water.. although I could use a really good romance. Ah crap.

3. KO One Return

This one is a sequel to a really popular drama called KO One. It’s not really my style of drama. It’s all about high schools boys and fighting and such. But it stars Jiro Wang baby! He is ALWAYS worth seeing. And this one has a cute girl in it too who is going to show Jiro who is boss. I’m sure of it. That’s gonna be fun to watch.

2. Love me or Leave Me

Oh my goodness Tiffany Xu. It’s about time this girl got herself a man in a drama. This one is only 16 episodes so I’d give it a go. Totally doable. She’s always been the girl who gets passed over in a lot of my favorite Taiwanese dramas. She’s really pretty, but she is only part Taiwanese. So because of that she’s never really been able to be the ideal actress in a drama because.. I don’t know, maybe they don’t think she has the right look? Who knows.. but girl is gorgeous! And I think she’s a good actress. I’m happy for her.

1. Die Sterntaler

This one is Taiwan’s winter melodrama. It takes place in both Japan and Taiwan. That makes it more appealing.. to me anyway. I’ve only been to a couple of places of Japan, and never been to Taiwan so.. yea, I’d watch it for the environment alone. It’s only 18 episodes which makes it short and totally watchable for a Taiwanese melodrama. If you think about it, most Korean melodramas are around 20 episodes. This is looking like it’s right up my alley. I think the other thing that gets me about this drama is that it’s based off a brother Grimm tale. But, it’s not your typical princess drama that’s been told 200 times over. Because of this I’m looking forward to carving out a bit of time to watch.

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