OMG, Fabulous Boys is finally out!!! Though I haven’t seen it yet (waiting for subs is torture) I feel like I’ve been waiting for this drama forever and it’s almost in my grasp! I’ve also totally been on a Jdrama kick lately, I think it’s because I’ve been watching so many Korean dramas this year because they’re popular and make great TOADS. So, I’m really psyched to see some of the new series coming out over the next month.

My list starts off with the Jdrama: 配達されたい私たち ‘Haitatsu Saretai Watashitachi’ which translates to ‘We want to be delivered’. It airs from May 12th – June 9th Tsukamoto Takashi is now a dad and back with a new role – as a dad who’s depressed with his life. Though I don’t have any children of my own, I can still get the whole life is getting you down. WE ALL FEEL THAT WAY SOMETIMES. Also, life (especially in dramas) tends to give us multiple lemons. Sometimes I think I’ve had enough of get depressed but a miraculous happy life comes around because frankly it isn’t always like that – but, this one’s based on a true story so I’d like to give it a go! It’s only 5 episodes too, so why not?  I also want to look into the Jdrama: ‘Gekiryu~Watashi wo Oboete Imasuka?’ or in English, ‘Torrent ~ Do You Remember Me’. This one’s not out until June 25th but will be airing through Aug 13th.

I’m not sure quite why I want to watch this one, but I do. You’ve got all the “failures” (I use this term loosely) from high school re-uniting to solve a mystery of a classmate that went missing 20 years ago and just emailed someone. I want to know how the girl went missing – and how their lives got to be such train wrecks. And what’s going to happen when they all get together and intermingle. Did I mention Japan does fantastic dark dramas?  There’s not a lot of new Taiwanese dramas out this month, but the ones that are coming out in 2013 look so much better than last year’s selection and May/June is no exception. ‘Qi Ge Peng You’ or ‘Our Year’ comes out on May 26th.

I like a drama that I can relate to and this one looks like I’m going to totally be in my element. As someone in her 20’s who admittedly hasn’t quite figured it all out and makes a lot of mistakes, I like that there’s a drama coming out about that. Also, I can think of a lot of really entertaining sitcoms that run along these same lines of young people who are friends and are figuring out life together – ‘Friends’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘Big Bang Theory’, etc. Deep down I know that there isn’t likely to be a Sheldon, but I’m holding onto hopes for a Pheobe or a Barney character!  The last Jdrama I’m adding to the list is ‘Shima no Seinsei’ or ‘The Island Teacher’ which is out from May 25th -June 29th.

If you’ve been watching my videos it should come as no surprise that I’m a fan of Nakama Yukie. Gokusen was the first drama that I remember watching that got me totally hooked in (though Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun certainly helped.) This was long before I ever became a teacher, and in my undergrad found myself thinking her character was so cool, and that she was gorgeous though she played the geeky role oh so well. A lot of my guy friends who are into anime are big GTO fans. And while I don’t hate the story, though I know Onizuka is supposed to be creepy and that it’s part of his charm I still have a hard time watching and enjoying it. Maybe because Gokusen has a similar appeal without all the creepiness and with a female in the lead I totally prefer it. While I don’t expect this one to be Gokusen or GTO, I’m glad Nakama Yukie is back to being an attractive teacher.

And the supreme ultimate must see for this summer in my opinion is the Taiwanese drama 原來是美男 or ‘FABULOUS BOYS’! It started airing May 12th and I’m not quite sure when it’s going to end – but that’s ok. I’m hoping they take advantage of their time and give us a good 20+ episode drama. I mean, heck I don’t know where to even truly begin to describe why this one will likely be a must see – the story that it is based on is an epic Korean drama (You’re Beautiful) that shot several young actors into stardom (Park Shin Hye anyone?) and that is still popular 4 years later. It being a music drama, the tunes are bound to be great and with Jiro Wang in the lead role! It’s been so anticipated and it’s bound to be good.. now I’m just waiting for subtitles!

The fabulous bloopers: 😉

  • Sophie Galamez

    OMG I can’t wait to see fabulous boys!!!!

    • hallyuback

      Me too!!!^^

  • lovedramas30

    great top 5 again steph, thanks 😀

    • hallyuback

      No probs!^^

  • MaRia TereSa Cabus

    Ive watched til.ep5 but the episodes after that has no subtitle yet. I really cant wait to see it
    . Ive been watching you’re beautiful over and over again since ive been waiting for fabulous boys. Ms hallyu back big favor as soon as you find the complete episodes kindly post it on your fb page. All the best!

  • DerpyBird_

    do you know where to watch taiwan dramas because i cant find one with “Our Year”