June just may be my favorite month of the year for two reasons – it signals the end of the school term and I get birthday cake and presents. Because really, who doesn’t like that combination? I won’t get another set of school finishing and presents until December so I’ve got to enjoy it as much as I can! Korea has been known to get pretty hot in the summer and sometimes staying inside in the air conditioning is a must! Here’s 5 dramas to watch that will keep you cool – or heat things up, depending on what you’re looking for!

5. Eun Hee (은희)

My number 5 choice, Eun Hee makes it’s appearance June 24th. It’s still pretty far from the release date so there’s not a ton of information, but it look like it’s going to be an awesome historical melodrama. It’s got the tangled up 4 some that Korean dramas love to depict. I think one of the really exciting parts for me though is that Korea’s started to really attack the more recent melodramas instead of only Saeguk’s. With last year’s dramas of Love Rain, Bridal Mask and Reply 1997, I’m really psyched for some more “not so historical” historicals!

4. Cruel City (무정도시)

Next up is Cruel City, which actually comes out on May 27th, but that’s practically June! There’s been a lot of gangs lately in dramas – there are always a lot of gangs in dramas – sometimes I think it’s about time they got rid of gangs in dramas. But, first they need to make this gang related drama. This one kind of reminds me of the story plotline of Haeundae Lovers where an undercover police officer joins a gang and falls in love with the boss’ daughter – BUT, in this drama that lead role goes to the smexy Nam Gu Ri! I love dramas like Secret Garden where the women kick-ass, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one fares.

3. The Queen’s Classroom (여왕의 교실)

Speaking of strong women, The Queen’s Classroom which is supposed to come out sometime in June – whenever When a Man Loves finishes up. This one’s got a ruthless mean teacher and her young pupils who have to put up with her for a year. There’s not a lot of dramas out there that are all about young kids let alone some of them aren’t even watchable for little ones – but, if this one is anything like the original Japanese drama it’s based on, it’ll have good reviews!

2. Ugly Alert (못난이주의보)

The one drama I’m probably pushing the whole June thing with in this countdown is Ugly Alert, which started airing on May 20th. Ok, it’s already out 10 days before June even starts, but this one’s going to be great (though a bit long) and it looks good enough, I couldn’t not talk about this drama. If you like family dramas, if you like redemption stories, if you like romantic dramas, if you like fashion dramas, or if you just like melodramas I think this one’s looking pretty damn promising! Not to mention I have this awesome mental image every time I hear the words “Ugly Alert” It’s like a puce light flashing with a booming voice resonating the words “It’s about to get ugly.” Yes, I’m a unique individual.

1. I Hear Your Voice (너의 목소리가 들려)

Probably the drama that I’m most likely to watch of this set is I Hear Your Voice, which comes out on June 5th. It kind of reminds me of the 2004 movie Laws of Attraction with Julienne Moore and Pierce Brosnan, only with a supernatural element. You’ve got the tough female lawyer and the macho manly lawyer going against each other in court and love – but being a Korean drama they had to throw in a mind reading kid. Go figure! But it still looks awesome!

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    i wanna see i hear your voice ^.^

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    The Queen’s Classroom for the win! By the way As always You’re awesome :)))

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      And you’re way WAY WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too kind! Just glad you enjoy the blog ;D

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    I’m ready to watch them all! I’m so excited! Plus I started watching “The Gu Family Book” and I was so mad at the end of episode 2 and that is as far as I got…LOL! Anyways, sorry I haven’t been around but I became a little busy and now I’m trying to fit everything else around it. Thanks for the video’s and you are so AWESOME!!!

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      Lol I have a lot of Gu Family Book catching up to do too. So many dramas, so little time!!!!

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