It’s officially May – Wahoo! In Korea, the cherry blossom season has come and gone and has left behind sunshine and warm weather. Along with the warm weather is the promise of the end of the school semester – we’re still over a month away, but already I’m starting to get excited and count down the days until I have a break from homework and sitting in class when the sun is shining and I can be outside in it! YAY!!! When summer finally does come, it’s going to be brutally hot and I’m not going to want to be outside so this time right now, while short, is precious. It’s also a stressful time where students are starting to work on presentations and final projects and somehow the amount of work just seems to be huge when the weather seems so perfect.

So what has Korea planned for the drama lovers out there to help us all escape from the stress? A few awesome romantic comedies and some intense revenge dramas is what!!!!!

First up is an intense revenge type drama. I was a teacher for 4 years – but even being a teacher, I admit there are times I just wanted to explode in some way/shape/form. There’s something satisfying then to watching dramas that are high intensity, almost like your stresses and frustrations are pointless.
On May 27th the drama ‘Shark’ is coming to take a bite out of the stress – literally. How can you be stressed and upset when watching Kim Nam Gil? That guy is UBER-SMEXY! ..and has almost become my quintessential bad guy character at this point. I’m a bit concerned with the whole face changing, but it is looking like a pretty intense drama.

Or, if you want to go a bit darker, you’ve got ‘Princess Aurora’ which releases on May 20th. Leave it to Korea – home of such great horror movies as ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ – to give something such a twisted title. Personally I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch it as I’ve never been much for horror or serial killers, but if that’s your thing then this one looks great.

My guilty pleasure this month will probably be the romantic comedy. The first one I plan on tackling is ‘Nail Shop Paris’ which is already out. This one I know is totally going to be a guilty pleasure – It’s got all of the drama clichés (cute guys, cross-dressing girls, gumihos) that I love to love AND hate at the same time. Also, it may talk me into spending the money again to get my nails done …..because (shhh!) I have a terrible biting habit!

Another drama I’ll have to check out is Monstar. It seems like it’s going to have a bit of a ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ vibe, and I’m always a sucker for grungy band guys. Plus I’ll be supporting BEAST and maybe get another song by them to get into my head and be able to wipe out the whistling section from ‘Troublemaker’ once and for all!

The last drama I covered and what I think is going to be my true guilty pleasure is Flower Boy Dating Agency: Cyrano. It’s coming out on May 27th, so I’m going to have to wait till the end of the month to see it – and oh, it’s killing me!!! Ok TvN, your last flower boy drama ‘Flower Boy Next Door’ started off on a great note, but was a dud as a whole. It was one of those dramas that you watch and then kick yourself afterwards for wasting that many hours of your life watching a mediocre drama. BUT!!! I think this one’s going to be awesome. The whole dating agency reminds me of the Korean Drama ‘Love Marriage’ which I didn’t get at first and while it wasn’t a great drama, helped me gain a lot of understanding into Korean dating society and the makeup of what makes a good drama. But all of that aside, it stars Lee Jong Hyuk. I don’t know what this guy has going for him, what ins he’s got with TvN, but his brief cameo in FBND was one of my favorite parts of the whole dang drama and him in a ‘Gentleman’s Dignity’? Hilarious! I happen to know the hubby enjoyed him in that one as well (he called him the wedding ring guy) and thus this drama has all the potential in the world. I may drag the hubby into the drama world yet! Yayz!!

How about you guys, which ones do you think you’ll want to watch?

Happy Drama Watching!! ^^

The Bloopers:

  • lovedramas30

    i really wanna see nail shop paris! 😀

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    I’m so excited about another Flower Boy drama!!! Yay!!! I loved him in AGD and I’m so happy to see him in this one. I think its going to be great. I actually liked FBND. It wasn’t as exciting as the others or as profound but I guess at the time it was just a nice paced one for me to watch. I will have to say, to me, the ending kiss was amazing. I was really proud of PSH because I haven’t been to impressed with her kissing skills in previous dramas. Heartstrings I thought it was so cute but the kiss scenes were duds for me. I’m really hoping for some good kiss scenes in Heirs. *crosses fingers* Now the other dramas seem just as exciting. I love revenge dramas. So I think this year is definitely picking up in the drama world! Thanks Steph for all your hard work on the vids! Love them!

    • hallyuback

      Thank you! Lee Jong Hyuk and TvN for the win! I’m really excited about the drama world as a whole this month – there’s some pretty great stuff coming out (or out already) and that just means there’s going to be some great drama watching and reviewing in the near future! ^w^