We’re over halfway through August and you know what that means, great new Korean dramas coming out in September! (Ok, it also means a new semester of school for most of us – but I’m trying to be positive ^.~) This season looks to be not as exciting as October, though really that’s not surprising as they always try to get some great dramas that knock your socks off later on when everyone wants to be inside in the evenings and watching dramas instead of hanging out in parks outside.


For me, this Top 5 is a reminder that all things of summer are ending and I’m getting ready to go back to South Korea. I’m saying my tearful goodbyes, and trying to get last hugs in for what will likely be another year before I see everyone again. I’m glad that there is some great new stuff to watch when I get back though. It helps to fully immerse myself in schoolwork, dramaland, Korean food and HallyuBack when I get homesick. At least it helps keep me from thinking too much about not being around my family. But, I’m ready.

Of all these dramas I’m most excited to see Basketball. I think I even managed to convince Richard that it’s a drama to watch – he totally threw me for a loop the other night and said “you convinced me to watch the first episode of Basketball.. if it’s not too cheesy I may even keep watching”. While that may seem silly because I’m totally into dramas, that’s progress folks! Hmm.. I may just get him addicted yet!

the bloopers^^

  • yasmina elseidy

    the suspicious house keeper may be

    • hallyuback

      I agree!!!^^

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    I’m liking the Suspicious House Keeper! :)

    • hallyuback

      Yea, that one does look good.^^ I got Richard to admit he might want to watch Basketball!

  • Mizuki Shou

    If he does watch basketball you guys’ll be a drama watching couple.

    • hallyuback

      haha that’s right!

  • Mizuki Shou

    Hmmmm the Suspicious house keeper or basketball.