I love Taiwanese dramas! It’s been soooo long since I’ve managed to sit down and watch a Taiwanese series from beginning. Well actually I can’t say that because I did watch one this year.. but only one. I watched one with Mike He called Love Keeps Going, which I thought was really good but ended abruptly.


Unfortunately, there just aren’t as many that come out so you don’t have the choices like, say in Korean or Japanese dramas. The other thing about Taiwanese dramas is that they are ridiculously wrong. Sometimes the voiceovers are atrocious, and it’s noticeable enough that it does mildly annoy me.

All that being said, a lot of my favorite dramas have come out of Taiwan, so I’m always looking for new, great Taiwanese stories.

It doesn’t appear that there are any mind-blowing, break out dramas amongst this list but I could be wrong.

This one came out July 20th and I call this one P-MAM. Deep down I know it pronounced differently but somehow I don’t care. It’s about young adults lives and I’m assuming partying.. because I really don’t know and haven’t seen it yet.

4. Backlight Lovers
This first aired on July 11th and frankly there’s not a lot of information in English about it. But I love the title and general premise seems fun. It kind of reminds me of my own undergraduate university days.

3. Dragon Gate
This one began airing on July 26th. Can I just say that with a title like this the suspense has begun without even laying eyes on the drama itself. I found a bunch of information when I Google searched this compared with the others, and I noticed it’s being subbed. Thank goodness! The world needs more Taiwanese dramas.. at least in my opinion.

2. I Love You Love You Love I
This one came out just a couple weeks ago on August 15th and I absolutely love this title! I feel like I could almost sit and philosophize about the actual sentiment behind such a title. It also kind of in a weird way reminds me a little bit of Devil beside You. The whole step-brother step-sister taboo love story that will (most likely) unfold during the course of this drama. But somehow if it’s anything like DBY it’s all gonna work out in the end. IT’s just got to.

1. The Birth of a Queen
This one comes out Sept. 8th and I got the least amount of information about this one. Shouldn’t be surprised about that since it hasn’t aired yet, but still. With the cast of this one I think it has a lot of potential. I rarely see Cheryl Yang in something that isn’t a hit. But then again it could also be like an uber rich, smancy, unrealistic Kardashian-style mess. Please someone tell me that’s not possible!

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  • Spencer B

    Where can I watch I Love You Love You Love I? I can’t find it anywhere!