Korean dramas this month are all about LOVE and REVENGE.. sort of. And frankly, I’m kind of excited about them!

There’s only 5 dramas that I know of coming in June, at least by the day we uploaded this video. One of the ones I’m looking most forward to is King of High School Life Conduct. This one stars Seo In Guk who blew me away in Reply 1997 and his role in The Master’s Sun. And ever since You Who Came From The Stars, is seems like Korean dramas have sort of been on a noona kick! ie.- Older woman with a younger man, and especially TvN. Heck, this is following Witches Romance which was a Taiwanese remake about that very subject.


Moving onto another drama, I can’t wait to check out SBS’s Endless Love. Our main femme fatale is the same woman who was in Full House Take 2 and last year’s Secret. And she learned to box for this role, which I think is pretty impressive. Even is I’m not super crazy on revenge dramas, I got my eye on this one. Oh yea, and it takes place in the 1980s which I think could be quite interesting to watch and get a glimpse on what Korea might have looked like during that time period.

But the drama that I’m looking forward to the most is definitely Gunman in Joseon. Thank goodness this one starts airing AFTER my classes finish. Unfortunately I’m still going to be taking tests that week, but at least I’ll have plenty of time after that to watch it over the summer. I am a HUGE Lee Jun Ki fan! I especially love him in historical dramas of the saguk fashion. And this one is particularly fascinating to me because of the time period. The transition from sword to guns cannot be underestimated, not only in Korea but the world we live in as a whole. Mind you I have shot more than my fair share of guns, but I think that with the transition the art of battle disappeared. Muahahahah LOL

I almost forgot: Love of Trot Music. I’ve seen this one multiple times a day at this point, at least when I got looking on drama sites for new dramas. The premise for me to this one is just so hilarious. Okay, I make fun a trot music just a little bit in this video. And in real life, I have to admit, it’s not something I would ever turn on myself. But to do a whole young hipster-style drama on Trot music I think it has the potential to be absolutely brilliant.. in a strange hipster kind of way. I think if I watch this one I might just have to pull out the ajuma visor. Or at least start wearing the multiple patterns all at the same time, which munching down on kimchi. You don’t get much more Korean than that. Take that all you Kpop fans, you can’t dig Korean music unless you dig the trot music too. LOL

I’m so weird.

The Full List:

5. Two Mothers – 뻐꾸기 둥지

4. Lovers of Music – 트로트의 연인

3. Endless Love – 가을동화

2. King of High School Life Conduct – 고교처세왕

1. Gunman in Joseon – 조선 총잡이

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  • tammyeatyoursushi

    Girl…I am so with you on preferences! I’m the type to wait a few episodes before starting though (I hate waiting week to week and most of the time 1st episodes bore me…LOL) I’ll be following along with ya! JunKi & InGuk…couldn’t make a better summer!

    • hallyuback

      Yea, I don’t know if mine is because of choice or if I just have too much on my plate at the moment. There are definite benefits to waiting for a few episodes to be subbed before diving into watch a drama, cuz then we can dramathon lol. ^^

  • irilight

    I am so NOT into #2 on your list. Don’t get me wrong. I like Seo In-Guk, but this trend having 27 years olds playing high school kids, has gotten old on me. Korea has good enough young talent, who can play these roles, and it is not attractive to see adults close to 30 years old playing these roles. I am way more psyched to see the daily new drama “Make a Wish” with Ki Tae-Young and Jo Min-Ki than this high school drama (although I look forward to seeing “High School” drama with Kim Sae-Ron. A case in point of a talented young girl playing a high school role). I look forward to all 4 other drama you mentioned, with Joseon Gunman with Lee Joon-Ki is also #1 on my list.

    • hallyuback

      Haha Richard said the same thing about #2 when we were filming the video! Im with ya. That for me was a central problem with Heirs. I’m most definitely gonna be checking out Lee Jun Ki in Joseon Gunnman when it’s released. I had a hard time finding info on ‘Make a Wish’ or I would have of course included it on my list.

  • http://swankie.deviantart.com Sarah Adam

    Aw neither place i go to watch korean dramas has these T,T I wanted to see them lol Ah well.

  • Melinda Lipinski

    Canadians aren’t the only ones playing ice hockey!