It’s Valentine’s Day! Woot! ^^ But it’s also Friday! Woot WOOT! And realizing that we are half way through the month of February makes me all too aware of how quickly March and the new school semester is coming up. But that also means new dramas!


I’m kind of thankful that this month doesn’t seem to have any completely outstanding dramas. Because, although I’ve had some time off now, I still haven’t gotten caught up quite as much as I initially planned with drama watching. I personally don’t see any dramas that are gonna influence me to procrastinate with my schoolwork, but instead I’m going to be able to pace myself, see how some of them are turning out, and marathon them when I have the time.

For instance, as it stands today, I’m on episode 29 of Empress Ki, episode 15 of You Who Came From the Stars, 10 episodes into I Need Romance 3, 9 episodes into Inspiring Generation, and 4 episodes into Heartbroken Chocolatier. Oh, and how many episodes into Emergency Couple? Hmm.. I think 4. I’ve been doing a lot of drama watching so it has been a bit difficult to keep track of.

And of course I still have a couple more weeks of relative down time before the big grind with graduate classes starts up once again in the first week of March.

For Korean Dramas in March I’m intrigued by Gap Dong and Secret Love Affair, but the one I’m most looking forward to watching myself is Mom’s Garden. I like horses and this one has horses in it! I also like Jung yoo mi as an actress who won me over in Rooftop Prince.

I actually just learned about another one that I didn’t get to put on my video list. It’s called Hotel King. (호텔킹) Lee Dong Wook plays a character that while he was a kid his father walked out of his life. Now that he’s grown up, he wants to be a hotel king, and show his father, well, that he can do it. It also stars Lee Da Hye most recently of Iris 2.

What about you guyz, which Kdramas are you looking forward to checking out in March? I’m always curious about what other drama lovers are interested in. Drop me a note in the comments section below! ^^

And as always, thanks so much for your love and support! We have some exciting developments here at Hallyu Back that we are rolling out in the upcoming weeks and months that I’m really excited to share with everyone. It’s gonna be a really exciting 2014 from drama lovers and fans of Hallyu Back on YouTube I think! ☺

Here’s the full list from the video:

5. Secret Love Affair – 밀회
4. Monster – 몬스터
3. Kang Koo’s Story – 강구 이야기
2. Mom’s Garden – 엄마의 정원
1. Gap Dong – 갑동이

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  • Sabina Tagijeva

    Thanks for the video!
    I just can’t concentrate on what Steph is saying or doing because the Kitty is completely disturbing me! XDDD

    • hallyuback

      You’re telling me! ^^

  • Karen Shortell

    It will be hard for any new dramas to compete with the ones you listed that you are watching now. Add to that list “The Hours of my Life” and “Can we Love?” My favorite young Japanese actor is Miura Haruma. His acting is superb in this drama. By the way, can you suggest a site where I can watch Heartbroken Chocolatier here in the states? I can’t get into Inspiring Generation because of all the fighting. Does it get any better after the first couple of episodes? Happy
    Valentine’s Day to you and Richard and your adorable Maki.

    • hallyuback

      Inspiring Generation does have fighting throughout it, but the storyline does build up after the first few episodes. I’d at least give it until ep. 5. :)

  • Melinda Lipinski

    why are you always making me have to make such hard choices?!?!

    • hallyuback

      So who did you end up choosing then?! ^^

      • Melinda Lipinski

        it was a really hard choice to make but I chose Sung Joon he’s got sorta smirk that kicks up one corner of his mouth..and that voice is so deep and warm you want to curl up in it like a blanket

  • reem

    i really like the “you who cam from the stars”so i will give it to hem…and i think he played his role vary will