GUYZS: Four out of the 5 dramas ON THIS LIST have KOREAN ACTORS STARRING IN THEM!!!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaat?!?!!!!!

Whether you’re ready for it or not, it looks like Chinese Dramas have landed on the drama scene and may just be here to stay! Crazy as that sounds, and if you’re not expecting to hear that, I think as time goes by you’ll understand exactly where I’m coming from.


I know some of you have seen this coming. For some time now, China has been the biggest consumer of Kpop and Korean Dramas outside Korea. More and more now we’re seeing big time Korean celebrities traveling to China to perform and do large scale fan meet ups. Shoot, Chan Yeol of EXO was recently followed by up to 20 cars when arriving in Shanghai to do some sort of promotion. Chinese fans are crazy for Korean Entertainment, and it seems these days they cannot get enough.

Anyhoo, do take a moment to check out this list I put together for you guyz about New Chinese Dramas in 2016. I think you’ll be surprised if you’re not already prepped for Chinese splash onto the TV/drama scene to see how (somewhat) closely related Chinese Dramas may (or may not) appear to be to Korean Dramas.

Of course, China’s new found love for Korean Entertainment may have gone to their head. Just a two days ago Chinese officials became enraged at a 16 year old Taiwanese Girl who’s a member of the Kpop Girl Group ‘Twice’ for doing something minor they didn’t approve of. We’ll have to see how Kculture and the like are affected by this long term.

Have you ever seen a Chinese Drama? If so which drama did you really enjoy watching? Would you recommend one to a newbie? ^^

Happy Drama Watching everyone!!!! :)

Full List from the Video:
5. Love Express – 爱情也包邮
4. Chinese Hero, Zhao Zi Long – 武神赵子龙
3. Full House – 浪漫满屋
2. Emerald Jade Lover – 玉的情人
1. The Imperial Doctress – 女医·明妃传

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