Jdramas are my first Asian drama loves. Actually truth be told, Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun are my first Asian drama loves. Matsujun is kinda looking a bit scary as he’s not aging as time is going on and I’m not wholly sure about how I feel about his dramas – but Oguri Shun still has my drama heart. So when I hear he’s coming out with a new drama I’m usually all about checking it out.

I’ve also been on a big Jdrama kick lately, as I wanted something different from my typical Kdrama feed. I finished Nobunaga Concerto with Oguri Shun and am still making my way through Itazura Na Kiss Love in Tokyo 2 waiting in anticipation for a new episode to be released each week. But just watching those two dramas makes me want to see more, so I decided to research into upcoming Jdramas to get psyched about and thus, this video was born!

Really though I love Jdramas, I haven’t been making as many videos about them because they’re just not as popular with the Asian drama community. I know that there’s a lot of reasons for this – and the money that is put into Kdramas and the lack of Jdrama promotion through the major online Asian drama websites are a big part of it all. Personally, I want to say that if you’re a Kdrama fan who’s never checked out Jdramas, give them a chance. These are a few that I’m looking for but there are a great number of amazing Jdramas that are easy to watch (less than 16 episodes) with awesome storylines that I adore and hope you will like too!

Some great Romantic comedy recommendations (because I know many of you like Rom-Coms) that are already fully released and subbed are:

Itazura Na Kiss – Love in Tokyo (16 episodes)
Last Cinderella (11 episodes)
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (10 episodes)
Hotaru no Hikari (10 episodes)
Kimi wa Petto (10 episodes)

Happy Drama Watching everyone! ^^

2015 New Japanese Drama Video List:

5. Oniichan Gacha – 哥哥扭蛋第
4. Second Love – セカンド・ラブ
3. Tenno no Ryoriban – 天皇の料理番
2. Hana Moyu or Burning Flower – 花燃ゆ
1. Ouroboros – ウロボロス

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  • Pau Rey

    soooo looking forward to Ouroboros! I love both Oguri and Ikuta since I saw them together on Hana Kimi. It’s been a while since you’ve done a jdrama top 5 ^^ so happy about this :)

    • hallyuback

      I watched the first episode and it’s a great one!

      • Areej Otb

        I want a comedy drama please tell me :(

  • vtammy11

    ohhh kawaii matsumoto jun

  • bitch

    I was looking forward to the video compilation but you became annoying real fast so I had to stop..