The lineup for dramas to watch in December looks super intense and I’m more than psyched! And considering December is normally cold in the northern hemisphere, looks like next month is about to heat up and sizzle!


I have to admit though, when I first started looking I was a bit nervous. You see, most of the dramas on this list are coming out this month in November and are being carried through until January. There’s plenty to fill our dramathons though and here are 5 that I cannot wait to watch!

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Full List from the Video:
5. Remember – 리멤버
4. High End Crush – 고품격 짝사랑
3. Eating Existence – 먹는 존재
2. Madame Antoine – 마담 앙트완
1. Oh My Venus – 오 마이 비너스

the bloopers

  • irilight

    Some on your list to vote for have not even started yet – such as High End Crush and Oh My Venus!

    • hallyuback

      I know!!!! But I wanted to get a jump on the end of the year voting so everyone has a chance to participate ^^

      • irilight

        thank you! Until when can we vote? Sounds like I better wait to see some of these later starting drama.

        • hallyuback

          Right now it’s open, at least until the beginning of Dec. 😀

          • irilight

            Great. Will give us a chance to at least try the new drama.

  • pamela diaz

    OMG so much good dramas !!!!!

    • hallyuback

      SOOOO MANY!!!! And that’s what we like haha ^^

  • Maribell

    My drama list gets longer everytime I watch your channel, I dont know which one to watch first.

    • hallyuback

      Trust me, I think we all have the same problem LOL

  • Anushkabhal

    We can vote for only 5! I have so many kdramas to vote for ><

  • Barbara Bolton

    Watching Six Flying Dragons, now…exciting!

  • cookidough2004

    What about Healer? I know that it technically started in Dec 2014, but most of it aired in this year. I still consider it my favourite kdrama of 2015.

  • Luz Hernandez

    My list never ends! I love korean drama , korean food, i would love to visit korea!
    ( im currently watching six dragons too).

  • Marji

    I remember you was so, SO, SOOOO breathtaking. Seo In Guk is just incredible.

    • siri sari ohara

      agree it’s my n1 fav of 2015

  • melmachine13

    Is there a reason you didn’t put Twenty Again on the poll?

  • Hajar

    It is hard to choose but if i must: Kill me heal me is my favorite

  • maty bou

    reply 1988 is the best

  • Serena Le

    too many good drama, torn me apart if i have to pick the top one lol

  • Melanie McField

    Kill me heal me was awesome but so was she was pretty I voted for this one cause I loved loved loved the ending the other ones were good but lacking in the final episode