Whew with all the cray that’s going on in the world lately, I am SO THANKFUL for the distraction and escape that is sitting down for a Korean dramathon!

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I’m especially excited for February as some of my favorite actors and actresses in the business are coming back to the small screen (in my case, probably my phone lol!)

The gorgeous and talented Shin Min Ah will be returning in a sci-fi romantic comedy – I can’t believe I just typed that phrase – I am already SO in love with this drama.

One of my guilty pleasures Sung Joon (that voice tho!) is also back, right in time to help ease my loss of being able to listen to TOP’s voice.. sorry Richard! I’m curious to see his drama as he’s starring with a woman who was super popular in Korean dramaland far before I got into them (and I’ve been watching kdramas for about 10 years now – ugh I’m so old!) Does Ko So Young still have that acting talent that will blow us all away? We will find out!

Really though, I’m like please let her be really phenom and let this drama be like Witch’s Romance with mature concepts and smexy kissing scenes (OMG I’m turning into an ajumma!)

Full Korean Drama List from the Video:
5. You Are Too Much – 당신은 너무합니다
4. Father is Strange – 아버지가 이상해
3. Perfect Wife – 완벽한 아내
2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – 힘쎈여자 도봉순
1. Tomorrow With You – 내일 그대와

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)