April looks like it’s going to be a fantastic month for Kdramas. I feel like I say that every month, but this month takes the cake.. literally….. ‘Let’s Eat’ cake. :)


Let’s Eat for instance was one of my favorite surprise Korean Dramas because I didn’t really know the actors and actresses in the original but it won me over. And the food! If you have any interest in Korean food you need to watch this drama.. although I may not be able to, cuz it’s going to make me miss Korean food.

Another drama that certainly looks interesting is ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’. You gotta admit, it a pretty weird drama title. But Micky Yoochun is a terrific actor and I haven’t seen him in a Kdrama since last spring. Shin Se Kyung on the other hand is not one of my favorites but I think she might be getting better with experience. Let’s hope so anyways.

Who Are You – School 2015 that I can see being really popular, though I may not be watching it. I just feel like I’m beyond high school dramas, although the definitely appealed to me in my college days. I can see why people like them!

And with Splendid Politics and Fall in Love with Soon Jung, it appears there’s something for everyone this month. Hopefully for us foreign drama addicts they sub as many of these dramas as they can. Now I just hope I have enough time to check them all out!

Which one(s) are you most looking forward to seeing?

Happy Drama Watching everyone!

Full List from the Video:
5. Who Are You – School 2015 후아유- 학교 2015
4. Fall in Love with Soon-Jung – 순정에 반하다
3. Splendid Politics – 화정
2. Let’s Eat 2 – 식샤를 합시다 2
1. The Girl Who Sees Smells – 냄새를 보는 소녀

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    how about producer? XD

    • hallyuback

      It’s coming out in May!!!!