It’s almost APRIL!!!! Typically this means warmer weather here in the northern hemisphere and I cannot wait!


But weather aside – dramas!  There’s actually not a lot of dramas coming out in April because the powers that be in dramaland decided to schedule the lot of them to start in the end of March and not in April.  Soo this list is end of March through April.  Sorry if there’s any confusion.

May will be a different story.. but all of that aside.. There were a significant number of dramas coming out in the end of March through April and so I decided to do something different and leave the Top 5 choice up to you guys!  I posted a poll on my Kdrama Amino App and asked the community to vote for their top 5 choices and that’s how this top 5 came to be.

So what are your thoughts on this month’s picks? Is voting for your top 5 something that you enjoy and would want to do again in future top 5 episodes? Let me know!!!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

Full Fan-Voted New Korean Drama April 2016 List:
5. Perfect Sense – 퍼펙트 센스
4. Tomorrow Boy – 투모로우 보이
3. Jackpot – 대박
2. Entertainer – 딴따라
1. Vampire Detective – 뱀파이어 탐정

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