Korean dramaland is certainly looking a bit different this year!  If you don’t recognize the face on the poster that is Sung Hoon – an actor that has earned his way into leading roles and into our hearts.

The first time I saw him was back in 2012 in ‘Faith – The Great Doctor’ where I wondered who the heck was that amazingly gorgeous and dangerous flute player? I also can’t forget him as the adopted boxer in ‘Oh My Venus’.. he left quite the impression.  He’s back this month with a drama called ‘My Secret Romance’.. which I’m looking forward to seeing.

I’m also really excited for ‘Chicago Typewriter’. First off, if you never knew this about me, I love history.  It was my favorite subject in grade school and really the only one I could almost always count on getting an A in (my grades tended to reflect which subjects I enjoyed.. I didn’t get the highest Math grades lol!) Anyways as someone who loves history and digging into stories, the first half of the 1900’s is really interesting to me.  Years before I met hubs I was obsessed with a book series about news reporters in the 1930s-early 1940’s (World War 2 Era).  While this will not be the same, 1930’s Korea was pretty crazy and tumultuous as it was controlled by Japan who was trying to wipe out the Korean culture. There have been several other great dramas that look back at this era that I enjoy (most notably ‘Bridal Mask’) so I’m really excited to see how the drama transpires.  I’ve got high hopes!

What about you? What dramas are you immersed in at the moment? Which ones from this list look most intriguing? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

Full List from the Video:
5. Queen of Mystery – 추리의 여왕
4. Unni is Alive – 언니는 살아있다
3. Man to Man – 맨투맨
2. My Secret Romance – 애타는 로맨스
1. Chicago Typewriter – 시카고 타자기